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If you have come up with a WordPress website for your company. Now what? The next step should be considering cheap Dedicated Server hosting. Shared hosting would not be the right step for you if you have recently come up with a business website and are looking to gain online visibility. With web pages for varied locations and services, your site might be relatively large. So, it is quite likely for the site to take time to load up and the upload rate might slow down further as the site keeps growing. So, the shared hosting setup might not work for you for a very long term. This is where you need to start considering cheap Dedicated Server hosting. Site owners who are in the look out of extra services from their server hosting providers but without having to pay a hefty price should always go for UK Dedicated Server hosting. This type of server hosting is the perfect middle ground between dedicated and shared hosting. The Dedicated Server hosting providers put fewer websites on the servers which means more storage space and faster speeds within the most affordable rates.

Features You Can Expect

Moving your website to cheap Dedicated Server that runs on a powerful system and offers the resources your site requires for performing optimally will bring you a number of advantages. No matter whether you are looking to come up with a very large business website or outgrowing your shared hosting facilities, cheap Linux Dedicated Server is always worth considering.

It would be far more beneficial for you to go for a UK Dedicated Server hosting services of Onlive Server as this hosting provider has a lot to offer to its clients. the Tokyo based data centers of the provider offer Dedicated Server hosting that comes loaded with features like 1 core processor, unlimited bandwidth, KVM Architecture, 30 GB storage space, 1 GB RAM, 20 Mbps network connectivity speed and 1 dedicated IP address. In the operating system category, you do not only get Linux but even Windows while the control panel options include Webmin, Sentora, VestaCP, ISPConfig, ZPanel and Plesk.


Choosing the Right Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

It is quite possible for you to get your site hosted on a cheap Dedicated Server within an affordable range and still get high quality and features from the hosting provider. Sites hosted on a cheap Linux Dedicated Server have their very own servers sharing computer space with the other servers. The clients pay only for the space they require which means there are very few restrictions when it comes to using system resources.

Reliability is an Important Concern

It is always very important to be extra careful when making the choice of UK Dedicated Server hosting provider. The very first thing you need to look out for is reliability of the hosting provider. You can easily measure the reliability of the provider by going through the server uptime offered. This is the time during which a server remains operational. In other words, it is important for you to ensure that your site is not unavailable to the users in any circumstances because of server downtime.

Tight Security is Must

Yet another important feature to look out for us complete security. Tight security ensures that the Dedicated Server server will not be susceptible to sensitive data leakages and online criminals.

World-Class Hardware

Make sure that the cheap Dedicated Server hosting provider that you are going for offers top quality hardware for accommodating the Dedicated Server server. The dedicated RAM, storage space and COU features offered by the provider need to be sufficiently robust for enduring heavy usage.

Look for Flexibility

One of the greatest advantages of UK Dedicated Server hosting is the potential of controlling and customizing the different aspects of the hosting server. These include data transfer, installations and storage. Freedom and flexibility to add customized installations along with other important resources to the server, regardless of the fact that you manage them yourself or pay for the same to be managed, is necessary. It is also important for you to look out for dependable technical support that can further help you in troubleshooting the problems you face in using cheap Dedicated Server.

Why Dedicated Server?

It is quite common for you to get hold of Dedicated Server hosting providers operating Linux operating systems on their hosting servers. More and more hosting providers run Linux because this operating system is widely known for its tight security and reliability. These are the two most important things that the customers completely depend on when it comes to keeping their sites up and running all the time. Linux-based cheap Dedicated Server packages offer businesses good value for money mainly because such systems can be updated very easily by simply making use of necessary codes for fixing bugs and for patching up issues in the Linux open-source environment.

A few commonly asked questions about Dedicated Server hosting are as follows:

What are the two most important things to look out for in Linux Dedicated Server hosting providers?

It is important to look out for providers offering sufficient storage and bandwidth allowances.

What are the other important attributes to consider?

Other attributes worth consideration are security updates and patches, customization options and customer service.

Is pricing competitive in this field?

Yes, pricing is highly competitive and this is what helps customers in getting the best bargains.

Why is Dedicated Server hosting affordable for the new clients?

Dedicated Server hosting is more affordable for new clients mainly because of promotions.

What is site uptime?

It is the time span during which your site remains available to the users.

UK Dedicated Server Hosting: The Ideal Choice for E-Commerce Websites

UK Dedicated Server Hosting an Ideal Choice

Most people need to be aware of the business if they are ecommerce and may have an understanding of its meaning. UK based Dedicated Server hosting allow an individual or company to maintain complete authority over the server. With it, you are offered access as a server administrator. Today almost all Webhosting companies offer UK Dedicated Server hosting. The growth of almost all online businesses depends primarily on your website and its performance. And for an e-commerce website, it must be hosted on a fast and secure server. This type of server may prove to be an appropriate choice. These server are reliable, fast and offer extended security to your online business. It can resist a sudden increase in traffic by hindering your website’s performance.

Following are some of the main benefits of hosting websites on a Cheap Linux Dedicated Server hosting.

  • Server security – Security is the last thing you need to worry about with these server. Being the only person who uses the server, you have the least chance of errors or errors. Whereas on a shared server there is a greater chance of errors.
  • Software options – Almost all software and scripts can be used on these server. You have full administrator access to the server. So you can install any essential software to support your ecommerce website.
  • Transfer of data – With it, you get wide bandwidth which improves your data transfer capability. With this server, data transfer can be done at a faster rate than any other hosting package.
  • Memory capacity – With a Cheap Linux Dedicated Server hosting, you get a huge amount of storage space. Any type of data can be stored such as images, data files, web files, etc.
  • Customization of the server – You can ask the web hosting provider to customize these server. They can offer customization to the basic server configuration.

Cheap Linux Dedicated Server hosting

UK Dedicated Server Hosting
UK Dedicated Server Hosting

Compared to other hosting provider and Cheap Dedicated Server hosting cost much more, but the benefits you can get are much more significant. Dedicated Server hosting is a type of Internet hosting where clients get the whole server rather than any share. This ensures complete freedom on features such as selection of the operating system, hardware and other applications. The provider owns the server hardware and is also responsible for supporting any technical problems with the server.

The first thing that makes Cheap Dedicated Server hosting a superior selection over shared web hosting is stability and reliability. Although shared web hosting is managed properly, user overhead can disrupt business. In addition, incorrect codes and the use of irrelevant scripts on the server can also cause serious problems. On the other hand, install only the desired application and software on your server that is necessary for your business.

Second and perhaps the basic concern in this comparison is security. In hosting Cheap Dedicated Server hosting you are the owner of the entire server, so no one else will have access to your server? Most web hosting companies offer UK Dedicated Server hosting with advanced security features such as an external firewall. This helps you further protect access rights to your server. In case of problems, the company provides rapid technical support which is also a strength to consider. In managed Cheap Linux Dedicated Server hosting the chances of such problems remain very minimal and you enjoy maximum security.

On UK Dedicated Server hosting, you can update the functionality of the server at any time according to your business needs. In case you need additional bandwidth or the search for additional RAM updates it in no time. You can also choose between the Linux or Windows operating system and the selection of a Cpanel or Plesk control panel on your server. Considering that, in shared accounts, web hosting companies do not allow customers to update specific features, but must update the entire package.

Most users are fed up with shared hosting while suffering from slow site loading. But this realization comes too late and already costs significant losses in terms of users. Another thing is the IP address assigned to each domain on a shared server which remains a big problem in Internet marking. All SEO gurus know a bad neighbor of your site on the same server with the same IP address that ranks the costs of the search engine never like this. To avoid this problem, the dedicated IP address is the only solution. If you are on Cheap Dedicated Server hosting with a dedicated IP address, you will always have your website active and downloadable quickly for your visitors. This will not only encourage your existing customers to target your services to other people, but you will also get better chances of higher search engine rankings than your competitors.

If you have a Cheap Dedicated Server hosting or are planning to have one for yourself, you must be pretty sure of the server’s security. Because when it comes to a Dedicated Server hosting there is no excuse for why you don’t have adequate security provisions for the server. In addition, you will have the hosting company that will provide you with the server and server security provisions. When you have a Windows server, you need to worry about security since Windows is the best known operating system in the world. For the security of Windows Dedicated Server hosting, you will have many options and one of them is the firewall on UK Dedicated Server hosting

Incoming and outgoing connections that can cause server problems are allowed or denied by the firewall of Windows Cheap Dedicated Server hosting. This is done by the set of rules and devices based on these rules. This type of regulation is usually performed on a single network and can also be performed on multiple networks and this depends on the customer’s needs. For this reason, you can avoid threats or security errors caused by the network. It is designed to avoid main server problems and protect the server.

Accentuate Your Business with Our UK Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated server hosting is an essential requirement for all those huge traffic websites which get millions of hits on a daily basis. Though Dedicated server hosting is quite expensive, Instant UK Servers renders you high-quality UK Dedicated Server Hosting services. We have excellent technical expertise and resources to deliver your dedicated hosting at reasonable prices.

With us, you can relish the benefits of customization and full-proof security. You get the liberty to install and run OS(Windows or Linux) of your choice along with all the software and applications supported by it. The complete server is at your command, which eventually results in more power and resources, and a more resilient, secure and stable hosting option for your business.

UK Dedicated Server Hosting










Our Cheap UK Dedicated Server Hosting combines the latest technology with our astounding client support and highly skilled in-house expertise. We design our dedicated servers to fulfill your business’ specific requirements and then house them in our own protected data center facility. Our initial UK Dedicated Server Hosting Price is $159 per month. We reinvest in our infrastructure year on year to offer you the top quality dedicated services. Our hosting servers are powered by Enterprise SSD hard disks which are the highly expensive drives and deliver the amazing hosting performance.

Enjoy the power and control of dedicated server hosting with our UK Web Server Hosting Provider. You can call or email us for more information about our sophisticated, reliable and reasonable dedicated hosting services. We understand that client service and support is of supreme importance in our industry and vital to assist our clients’ business grow and we, therefore, offer all our customers with round the clock UK based telephone, email and support ticket support.

You can rely on us our Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting Company for reliable and economical hosting solutions.


Cheap UK Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

A cheap and best server hosting service is the essential need for any business to startup in the UK. If you have a large and small type of business in the United Kingdom and want to get server space for your online business website without any staggering cost and without compromise the quality of services and resource just visit our website “” Here are available wide range of server hosting plan at a very reasonable price. The plan is suitable for all types of business modules and they can choose our best hosting plan according to their needs. We have several hosting packages to choose from, but the most common category is that of cheap and best UK Dedicated Server hosting.

UK Dedicated Server Hosting

Our Dedicated server gives full of ensuring that to provide maximum performance and control for your online project, Reliability, Flexibility and full control. At Onlive Server, we are delighted to introduce ourselves as the outstanding Dedicated Server Hosting Provider. We are not just any other UK Dedicated Server Hosting Company which always run after money. Rather, we consider ourselves as a team for the people and by the people trying to build each other.

Our monthly UK Dedicated Server Hosting Price begins at just $159 which is very much economical for you. Based on your business necessities, you can pick the desirable Dedicated hosting configuration perfect for your organization.

Some of the amazing benefits of our UK Dedicated Server Hosting:-
Servers Data Center is located in the United Kingdom
Hardware and software completely dedicated to respective client Client get full control panel by which they can perform tasks as an administrator. They are authorized to restart, reinstall.
100% guaranteed uptime on network
24/7 hr our customer care support team available to solve the query.