Why should you go for Turkey VPS server hosting

In the event that your web page needs more space than what the common hosting offers and you run a few high-movement online journals or sites, you might need to go for the VPS. Although dedicated servers cost a great deal, but Onlive Infotech LLP offers Turkey VPS hosting server at a very affordable price just start at $21/month with lots of features including high bandwidth, firewall protection, data backups, powerful security and much more. To host your website we give you high bandwidth so that you could easily host your website and generate more traffic on it. On the other side our highly experienced technical support team monitor your server all day and night to protect it and during any server issue, they resolve your problem very quickly. So during any server issue, you can contact them via telephone or email. We give firewall protection to your server from unauthorized access. Our VPS hosting servers are customizable and we give you root access permission so that any modification or software installation can be done by you very easily. You can install or uninstall any software which you need most. If there should be an occurrence of VPS hosting, the virtual condition will offer you dedicated memory, circle space, and data transfer capacity. On the other hand, if you require a considerable measure of transfer speed and your blog doesn’t open as quick it ought to, shared web hosting is not for you any longer. VPS makes utilization of virtualization applications to make parcels of real servers into a few virtual servers. Thus, each of the servers can work its own particular Operating system and applications. Presently days, VPS is famous among the web designers today. With our VPS Turkey, you will get 4 Core × 2.5 GHz processor to process your huge amount of data, up to 16 GB RAM and up to 300 GB HDD storage to store your large amount of data. We also take the backup of your data at a regular interval of time and keep it far from your data center so in the case of any disaster you can easily recover your data without any data loss. So with our VPS hosting server, you will get a lot of dedicated features to grow up your business need.

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The Big Sell On The End Of Big Year On Turkey VPS Hosting and Turkey Dedicated Servers

A dedicated Hosting service, dedicated server, or managed Hosting service and Turkey VPS Hosting is a type of Internet Hosting in which you rent a whole server not imparted to anybody. This is more superior than shared Hosting, as your association will have full control over the servers, including decision of working framework like windows, Linux, hardware, etc. you have root access permission so all Server organization is handled by yourself in terms of software, but we provide 24/7 support you via telephone or email regarding your any issues. Our Onlive Server Technology’s VPS Hosting and Turkey Dedicated Servers are housed in one of our overall server farms, giving excess power sources. The server equipment is possessed by us, and comprises of a lease of space. Onlive Server Technology generally provides you Quality Hardware with latest technology to your server products. There is also equipment substitution guarantee if there should arise an occurrence of equipment failure. All our servers are ensured substitution equipment inside 6 hours of equipment failure and Maximum assurance of conveyance inside 12 hours. Monthly 3 times re-establishment services are provided free of cost by Onlive Server Technology and any issues in regards to Hardware and systems service are taken care of by our technical support team for 24*7 hours.

Advanced Control Panel with High Performance SSD Drive Technology :
Onlive Server Technology LLP Server assets are free of each other. Every server keeps running in its own asset pool. High CPU utilization or RAM usage of a server does not influence different servers. Thus, high performance can be achieved by using our servers. We also provide fully managed Cpanel With this panel; you have full control of your server. You can turn off the server through this Cpanel, reboot your system, re-install can be also done, you can update RDNS record very easily, and you can even connect to your server via KVM. We generally use high performance SSD drives in all of our servers which gives a high speed to our servers.

24*7 hours Technical Support and 99.99% Uptime Guarantee :
Onlive Server Technology LLP also offers you a nice technical support team for you who are 24*7 hours available for you regarding your any type of issue like hardware and network problems you can easily contact to them via telephone or email. They will quickly response you on your mail also. By the help of Redundant network infrastructure and good electrical systems we provide you 99.99% uptime guarantee to your Dedicated as well as Turkey VPS Servers. Your all network and monitoring systems are monitored 24*7 hours through our energy system.

Need to know about VPS hosting and Turkey dedicated servers

All you need to know about VPS hosting and Turkey dedicated servers

Turkey Dedicated Servers

What is VPS hosting and how to choose the best VPS hosting service in Turkey?

Turkey VPS Server stands for Virtual Private Server, Internet hosting services sell a virtual machine as a service which has its own operating system. With Turkey VPS Server, you can install any software that runs on that OS. It is one of the fastest growing services. However, due to the increase of the service providers of VPS Hosting, it becomes confusing to choose the best from. Below are some points which you should keep in mind before choosing your Turkey VPS hosting server or Turkey Dedicated Servers.

  • Check the year and term of service the hosting server has been serving for. This is very important.
  • Check out the Google reviews about VPS hosting services. There are several independent views which can vary from good to average too badly. However, it is required that you go through many reviews before making your decision.
  • Check the level of transparency of the service provider. It will be helpful to know the hardware that the company is using. Remember that, leased hardware is not better than owned hardware.

Managed dedicated Server in Turkey

A few pros of managed dedicated server Turkey are listed below:

  • You do not require technical expertise with a fully managed dedicated server because the service provider handles your server, operating system and software updates.
  • You can install any server that you want in the case of a fully managed dedicated server in Turkey. Since it is completely managed, the web hosting service provider should install the software and a small fee is charged.

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