Reasons Why Sweden VPS Hosting is Best for Small Businesses

Cheap Web Hosting – Sweden VPS:

It is absolutely true that shared server hosting might be the most affordable and perfect solution for small websites and personal blogs, but majority of the fast-growing businesses require Cheap Web Hosting specifically VPS.

If you are the owner of a small business then you might have a very clear idea about the importance of having your very own site. With over 3 billion internet users across the world, around half of the population of the world is online at present and this speaks of the importance of online presence for a small business.


But this does not necessarily mean that simply getting a good site will turn things up for your small business. Just having a site is not enough. You are owning a small business and in the same way there are various other individuals operating small businesses on the internet. Even your competitors are online and in case their sites are more convenient and easier to get hold of by the customers or if the customers find them faster than your site, it will be a complete loss of business for you. so, what do you do in such circumstances? You will have to consider cheap web hosting solutions.

Importance of Cheap Web Hosting:

Cheap and reliable website hosting is one of the most important aspects of any business. Majority of the entry-level, basic and cheap web hosting packages are generally shared server hosting. These are hosting environments where there are different sites being hosted on the same server. This further means that the resources and hardware of the server are shared by all the sites being hosted on the server. You will not have the least idea about your neighbors or who you are sharing server space with. But in case their sites happen to overload the shared server or use excessive resources, it will adversely affect the speed and the performance of your site.

On the contrary, Sweden VPS hosting or virtual private server hosting is where a site is assigned a specific space on the server which is not shared by the other sites. Of course, there are other sites being hosted on the same physical server but their activities and functionalities have nothing to do with the speed and performance of your site. Dissimilar to shared server hosting, your site is being hosted on the compartmentalized part of the virtual private server that has its very own disk space, bandwidth and operating system and you are not sharing server space with any other site. This kind of hosting works in the same way as dedicated server hosting. in fact, the price you need to pay for Sweden VPS server hosting is more affordable than what you need to pay for dedicated server hosting. also, you get the flexibility of customizing your Sweden VPS server as per your business requirements.

Cheap VPS Server Hosting Plans

VPS Server Hosting Plans - Onlive Server

How is Sweden VPS Hosting Best for Small Businesses?

Some of the most important benefits of Sweden VPS server hosting for small businesses are as follows:

  • Great Speed

It is quite likely for the online visitors to leave a site that takes up a lot of time to load. On an average a site should take less than 3 seconds to load if it wants the visitors to stay intact. Shared server hosting is not able to offer the guarantee of speed because the speed at which your site will load will completely depend on what is going on with the neighboring sites. Users on shared servers do not have the ability of predicting how their sites will perform or what time they would take to load up and these can serve as major disadvantages. This goes special in situations when online visitors leave your website for a competitive site that does not take much time to load.

Going for Sweden VPS server hosting for a small business means that you are not sharing the server resources with any other site. Therefore, your site loads up faster and this further improves the bounce rate. So, the customers remain on your site and even buy from you. Quicker page loads also help in improving the search engine rankings of a site. The speed of a site is one of the most crucial SEO factors. The most popular and widely-used search engine, Google, loves sites that do not take much time to load and even rewards the ones that make speed their priority. So, the higher your website ranks on the search engines, the more website traffic it will experience and this will greatly benefit your small business.

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  • Scale

Sweden VPS hosting packages are scalable which means they grow with the growth of a business. This comes as one of the major advantages for businesses mainly because they get the ability of requesting and paying for extra resources as and when the need might be. So, the sites will not experience downtime when they need to move to some other hosting provider or when upgradations for hosting packages are required.

  • Flexibility

Dedicated server hosting and VPS hosting can easily be customized according to the requirements of a business. nevertheless, Sweden VPS hosting is where this option is made more affordable. If you do not have the technical knowledge needed for using the custom features for your site, developers will easily find the features they require and implement the same within VPS server hosting.

  • Customer Support

There is huge customer support available for Sweden VPS hosting. the support is more for VPS in comparison to the other cheap web hosting solutions. Good quality and cheap web hosting providers always help their clients by troubleshooting the problems they might be facing immediately. This way they keep the sites of the customers functioning the way they should function. This is one exclusive advantage available from Sweden VPS hosting solutions.


To conclude, Sweden VPS is probably the best server hosting solution because it offers the features and functions of a dedicated server but within an affordable range. Improved site performance and greater speed are some advantages that come with cheap VPS hosting.

Choose a Cheap VPS Hosting Correctly with Onlive Server

VPS Server Hosting

When it comes to website hosting, a VPS is a logical step towards a shared hosting plan. As your site grows, shared hosting will become insufficient over time, and you will need more resources. Therefore, your goal is to know how to determine when to choose a VPS server correctly.

How to choose a cheap VPS server

  • Select the type of VPS that suits your needs.
  • Find out how to join to a VPS using Secure Shell Access (SSH).
  • Use the authority line to manage the Cheap VPS.

For the website to be good, it desires a server to which the open public has access. A server is a computer, just like any other server, but specialized software (and sometimes individual devices) is configured for it.

When people talk about shared hosting, it means many websites stored on the same server. This method allows suppliers to offer lower costs, so general plans are generally cheaper on the market. However, this type of accommodation has certain disadvantages.

To understand this, believe your website, as a computer program, requires resources such as RAM and a processor. The more people use this program at the same time, the higher the total funds needed.

However, each computer (or server) has a limited amount of resources available. This way that with mutual hosting, you may notice that it slow down your website. In general, this usually only happens in this case:

  • When a hosting supplier installs many sites on a solo server.

If a trusted hosting provider is identified, the first scenario should not be a problem. However, with the growing popularity of the site, performance issues may be inevitable because the possibilities of a simple plan are limited. That defines that it’s time to move to an improved hosting plan.

In other words, a cheap VPS server is required. The term “virtual private server” (VPS) may sound scary, but in reality, it is straightforward. For VPS, the same physical server is always shared with other users. However, each site receives a virtual partition from this server with the specified amount of resources.

vps hosting 2

Here are the main differences between VPS and shared hosting:

  • VPS is very standalone. Even while you use a mutual server, each VPS is, in fact, its situation with no snooping with other sections. You don’t have to split assets. Each VPS receives a certain amount of resources so that you won’t find any bottlenecks due to high traffic on other sites.
  • VPS is highly scalable. Depending on the provider, you can increase VPS resources as needed (for example, if your site continues to grow, you will get more RAM or CPU).
  • You can have full management over your server. You can use VPS to configure server settings yourself or from your hosting provider.

Shared hosting plans usually don’t give you much control over server settings. Instead, it creates everything for you and allows you to communicate with the server through the host control panel, as in the following example:

Advanced panel features

These dashboards usually have many options. However, this can be ineffective if you specialize in server administration (or want to know how to configure your server). In this case, it would be better to choose VPS because it would be better to control the settings.

Finally, choosing a Cheap VPS Server requires more resources and features to manage the site more efficiently. Now let’s talk about the best time to make this change.

When to switch from shared hosting to VPS

As mentioned above, the main factor when choosing a VPS is performance. In other words, if you have a website that receives too much traffic, shared hosting won’t be able to keep up with it at some point.

The speed at which you reach this point depends on the equipment provided by your hosting provider and the configuration of the server and plan you are using. Most service providers end up offering several levels of packages, even for shared hosting.

Since no other source offers the same knowledge, it can be tricky to know when to desire a VPS. However, if your site meets some (or all) of the following criteria, you may be prepared to dive in:

  • Get a minimum of 100-200 visits per day.
  • The rate of immediate abandonment is continuously increasing.
  • Your site’s loading time increases, and you begin to see downtime.

Please note that 100-200 visits are only a general rule. If you have a sufficiently comprehensive and robust plan, you can process thousands of visits per month. It should also be noted that the performance of your site can be affected by many factors, regardless of the hosting plan you use.


We, therefore, recommend that you actively optimize your website so that it is always fast. But if your website is starting to generate more traffic and it’s still running slow, even after trying all the tricks you know to improve it, it’s time to choose a VPS server.

In most cases, there should be enough shared hosting when starting a new site. After a while, though, your website is probable to cultivate to the point where it needs more assets. At this point, you’ll need to improve to a VPS server if you need your website to work better.