Start your Business with Cheapest France Dedicated Server hosting

nsssssOnlive Server presents France Dedicated Server with the facility of its own data center located nearby you in France. Its affordable price and best quality services make it different from other. We offer you world’s most demanding features with our hosting server which a customer need. It is enriched with top quality equipment, High bandwidth facility, unlimited traffic generation, a high-level security and more which a customer need to secure their hosting server. By the help of high bandwidth facility, you can host your large and complicated projects very easily as well generate unlimited traffic on that. Its firewall security system protects your server from unauthorized login as well it protects your server from malicious software programs. We also do scanning of the server against the virus at a certain interval of time so now you can secure your hosted website with our hosting services very easily. To recover your server data from any disaster we regularly take the backup of your server’s data at a keratin interval of time and keep it far from your own data center. So in the case of any disaster, you easily get your data back without any loss.

24/7 Quality Support

For monitoring of server, we hire a group of expert which are highly knowledgeable and always available for your support. They monitor your server 24/7 hour and during any server issue, they resolve it very quickly. You can also contact them anytime whenever you face any server issue. Due to our nearer data center facility, we offer you up to 99.99% network uptime guarantee. Our aim is to provide the best quality services to our customer and want a long relation with them. For better server performance and more output we provide you France Server with DSX8 – Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2650v3 processor, Up to 20 Core, Up to 40 thread, Up to 3.8 GHz frequency, Up to 32 GB RAM, Up to 2.00 TB SATA primary drive, Up to 1 Gbps Speed over 20 TB Bandwidth, Up to 29 IP Subnet, your choice of operating system, control panel facility and many more. You will get these all hosting services at a very affordable price. Now if you want a business to start up then you can start it from here as we have all range of hosting services according to your business need.

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Make Your Web Hosting Easy With France Dedicated Server Hosting

Onlive Server Technology LLP offers you France Dedicated Server hosting at an affordable price with lots of hosting features. If you have to host complex websites and you are worried about it then our Cheap dedicated server will be the best option for you. Generally for the hosting of a complex website we need a single server that could manage the high traffic very easily. We provide you high bandwidth facility with unlimited traffic generation. Our hosting server includes lots of hosting features which you desire. We divided our hosting server plans into many categories so you can easily choose your own hosting server plan. the use of advanced technology and equipment in our hosting server make it different from others. We provide you the fully customizable hosting server with full root access. Due full control over your server you are able to do any update or modification in it. You can install or remove software from your server of your choice. Our server is also secure as we provide you firewall protection to your server as well do server virus scanning that protects your server from harmful software programs. It also secures you from unauthorized login.

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Give a Look What Our Plans
With the use of Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2650v3 processor in our Dedicated Server France we offer you Up to 20 core processor, Up to 3.0 GHz frequency, Up to 128 GB RAM, Up to 480 GB primary drive, up to 20 GB bandwidth on 1 Gbps speed, up to 29 IP subnet range, choice of operating system, control panel facility and many more. For better network uptime we provide you data center facility nearby you in France and you will get up to 99.99% network uptime guarantee. For your support, we hire expert technical support team which is always available for you and monitors your server 24/7 hours a day. If any problem occurs in your server they resolve it very quickly. You can also contact them anytime whenever you face any server issue they will respond you very quickly. We regularly take the backup of your data at a certain interval of time and keep its mirrored copy far from your data center. So in the case of any disaster, you can easily obtain your data without any loss.

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Get the facility of flexible and reliable France Dedicated Server

On the behalf of your business need Onlive Infotech LLP offers you France Dedicated Server hosting which is available at an affordable price with lots of features which you need to fulfill your business need. We are in this hosting field from last 9 years and have a good knowledge of our customer’s demand like what they require for their hosting server. We offer you lots of dedicated features which you require like powerful security system, root access, data storage facility, secure transmission of your data, 99.99% network uptime guarantee, managed security system, hardware monitoring, a nice technical support team and much more. Our hosting server is fully customizable in feature so you can customize it according to your need. We offer you root access or full control over your server so you can do any modification on your hosting server according to your need. Due to its customizable feature, you can easily install any software on your hosting server as well remove if you don’t need. Our hosting servers are flexible and reliable in use and can be used for your many purposes like hosting of your website, for gaming server, for your special projects and for much more.


Give a look at our hosting plans

With the use of Intel Xeon 2 x E5-2650v3 fast processor we provide up to 20 core × 3.0 GHz frequency, up to 128 GB RAM, up to 2.00 TB SATA primary drive, up to 1 Gbps speed, up to 20 TB bandwidth, up to 29 IPs subnet, choice of operating system, nearer data center facility, control panel facility and many more. We offer your choice of operating system i.e. Linux & Windows as well Cpanel/WHM, Plesk and Direct Admin control panel facility with full root access.

Disaster recovery solution

We are not only delivering you a dedicated hosting server but also take care of your server management and its security. For the protection of your server data, we regularly take the backup of your server data and keep it far from your own data center. In the case of any disaster, you can easily obtain your server data anytime without any data loss. Apart from that for better network uptime guarantee, we provide our own data center nearby you so will not face any network problem.

Innovative & Economical VPS and France Dedicated Server Hosting

France Dedicated Server Hosting
France Dedicated Server Hosting

Innovative & Economical VPS and France Dedicated Server Hosting

As far as finding a steadfast and authoritative France Dedicated Server Hosting or and France VPS also a professional hosting service is concerned, no one can beat the hosting companies of France. They work for helping you fulfill your business objectives online by offering hosting options of premium quality and looking after your key hosting concerns.

VPS Hosting

Though this concept does sound as good as shared server hosting there’s a difference. Every segment of the server is capable of running as a separate server. This includes individual confidentiality and configuration for each individual segment. A France virtual private server is capable of supporting abundant forms of Oss, which include Linux, Windows, and UNIX and all that.

A France VPS server hosting firm offers its clients root access to the personal server. Thus, a system overseer or the hosting party, based on the web hosting plan, is capable of making configurations, updating, and monitoring the system as per their requirements and agenda. Re-installations and re-boots of the VPS are possible via an online based CP. Accessibility of the CP is time and cost saving. VPS hosting puts in that added measure of protection to the server. Your files and documents are protected and an unauthorized person cannot see or modify them.

Dedicated Server Hosting With 99.99% Network Uptime

France dedicated server hosting firms offer dedicated servers at affordable rates and makes dedicated hosting profitable. They do not charge any setup charges and you can be assured of no complications. What you get from them is immaculate performance, a maximum of 10 GBPS burst, potent backup system, and pioneering CP.

Their economical France dedicated server hosting plans adjust to your selection of location, hard drive, connection, and CPU. Thus, you can pick from various dedicated server setups, examples being load balancing ips or hardware raid. They offer a guaranteed 99.99% network uptime to ensure utmost availability with the least amount of costs.

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Why Choose DDos France Dedicated Server for Online Games

France Dedicated Server
France Dedicated Server

Why Choose DDos France Dedicated Server for Online Games?

Using DDos France Dedicated Server :

In a conveyed disavowal of-administration (DDoS) assault, an assailant may utilize your PC to assault another PC. By exploiting security vulnerabilities or shortcomings, an assailant could take control of your PC. He or she could then drive your PC to send immense measures of information to a site or send spam to specific email addresses. The assault is “dispersed” in light of the fact that the assailant is utilizing various PCs, including yours, to dispatch the foreswearing of-administration assault. DDoS is a kind of DOS assault where various bargained frameworks, which are regularly contaminated with a Trojan, are utilized to focus on a solitary framework creating a Denial of Service (DoS) assault. Casualties of a DDoS assault comprise of both the end focused on framework and all frameworks malignantly utilized and controlled by the programmer in the disseminated assault.

Using SSD Storage in France Dedicated Server :

A strong state drive  is a strong state stockpiling gadget that utilizations coordinated circuit congregations as memory to store information diligently. SSD innovation essentially utilizes electronic interfaces perfect with conventional square info/yield (I/O) hard plate drives (HDDs), which allow basic substitutions in like manner applications. France Dedicated Server provide good range of SSD Storage.

High Speed bandwidth :

France Dedicated Server availability is accessible from 4Mbps to 1Gbps. It utilizes straightforward, savvy Ethernet network to interface your business to the world. With the exceptional high adaptability highlight, Onlive Server offers adaptable data transmission updates most appropriate as per your business development.

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