Unlimited Traffic Generation with Cheap USA Dedicated Server

                                                        USA Dedicated Server
Are you in search for a cheapest hosting server to host your heavy and complicated website? Onlive Server offers you an affordable Cheap USA Dedicated Server Hosting with a nice performance and Uptime. It includes lots of hosting features which you desire to host your website. We offer you high bandwidth facility, HDD storage of data, a high level of security to your server, a nice and expert technical support team, and much more. To host your heavy website and generate more traffic on that we offer you high bandwidth facility with unlimited traffic generation. We provide firewall security to our hosting server, this high-level security system protects your server from harmful software programs and from unauthorized access of your server. Our hosting server is fully customizable in the feature as well it is fully managed and reliable. Its customizable feature gives you permission to customize it according to your requirement. With the use of our hosting server, it will easy for you to run critical applications or heavy websites on your server as our server is full of lots of features and dedicated resources. You will easily manage your website’s traffic, high-resolution images or videos, multiple domains with the use of our hosting server.

Facilities which we have

Our hosting server is the perfect solution for your all hosting needs. We added all the advance and latest technology in it to make it perfect. We provide you the entire necessary requirement by which our client become satisfied from our service. For better network uptime we offer you our own data center nearby you in the USA that will give you up to 99.99% network uptime guarantee. For customer facility, we categorize hosting server packages in many categories. So now you can choose the best one plan which fulfills your all hosting need. We have the hosting plan for all type of business class whether it is small size business or medium size so any business class can take the benefits of it. Our hosting server can be used for your many purposes like for gaming server, development of E-commerce websites or applications, video encoding, data backup’s, file storage, and for much more.


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Ethicalness of Cheap Chicago Dedicated Server Hosting

While the internet gets popularized day by day and the global business develops at a large scale then VPS hosting also becomes necessary which is required to develop at the pace of market development.  In this situation the VPS Hosting Chicago is the best option available to the customers. They can offer excellent VPS hosting to support businesses and organizations to create powerful and beneficial websites. Hence the necessity of this VPS hosting services would grow with the passage of time. All organizations look to expand over time and this brings about the requirement of a good and efficient web hosting services.

Dedicated Server Hosting

The Chicago Dedicated Server also known as bare metal servers offers a unique blend of dependable, predictable, high powered performance and deployment on demand. These servers can be deployed to provide power to the heaviest workloads and most difficult applications. One very important feature of these servers is that all the aspects of the dedicated servers are fully customization.

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Who is Best USA Dedicated Server Provider for e-commerce Website

USA Dedicated Server
USA Dedicated Server

What is e-commerce website?

E-Commerce sites made our life very easy by it we can easily buy and sell our products and services by businesses and consumers through an electronic medium, without use of paper documents. It allows consumers to electronically exchange goods as well as services without any barriers of time and distance.

Recommended USA Dedicated Server

USA Dedicated Server sounds pretty. It has a Strong Website Stability and reliability with Full support of server's CPU, RAM and Storage resources. USA Dedicated Host Server Provides the users the capability to handle and assembled Web Servers and customer will characteristically have complete power over their Hosting Environment and have choice of picking their own OS as well as other personalized security Settings.Onlive also provide VPS Server of Different Places for example California Dedicated Server, Chicago Dedicated Server, Columbus Dedicated Server, Ohio Dedicated Server, Cincinnati Dedicated Server and Dallas Dedicated Server. We use Open VZ, KVM and Hyper-v technology for virtualization of VPS Hosting Server. We can also Use the VPS Hosting Servers for web hosting as well as Gaming, Storage, Emails, VOIP, Development Projects.

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