UK Dedicated Server Hosting: The Ideal Choice for E-Commerce Websites

UK Dedicated Server Hosting an Ideal Choice

Most people need to be aware of the business if they are ecommerce and may have an understanding of its meaning. UK based Dedicated Server hosting allow an individual or company to maintain complete authority over the server. With it, you are offered access as a server administrator. Today almost all Webhosting companies offer UK Dedicated Server hosting. The growth of almost all online businesses depends primarily on your website and its performance. And for an e-commerce website, it must be hosted on a fast and secure server. This type of server may prove to be an appropriate choice. These server are reliable, fast and offer extended security to your online business. It can resist a sudden increase in traffic by hindering your website’s performance.

Following are some of the main benefits of hosting websites on a Cheap Linux Dedicated Server hosting.

  • Server security – Security is the last thing you need to worry about with these server. Being the only person who uses the server, you have the least chance of errors or errors. Whereas on a shared server there is a greater chance of errors.
  • Software options – Almost all software and scripts can be used on these server. You have full administrator access to the server. So you can install any essential software to support your ecommerce website.
  • Transfer of data – With it, you get wide bandwidth which improves your data transfer capability. With this server, data transfer can be done at a faster rate than any other hosting package.
  • Memory capacity – With a Cheap Linux Dedicated Server hosting, you get a huge amount of storage space. Any type of data can be stored such as images, data files, web files, etc.
  • Customization of the server – You can ask the web hosting provider to customize these server. They can offer customization to the basic server configuration.

Cheap Linux Dedicated Server hosting

UK Dedicated Server Hosting
UK Dedicated Server Hosting

Compared to other hosting provider and Cheap Dedicated Server hosting cost much more, but the benefits you can get are much more significant. Dedicated Server hosting is a type of Internet hosting where clients get the whole server rather than any share. This ensures complete freedom on features such as selection of the operating system, hardware and other applications. The provider owns the server hardware and is also responsible for supporting any technical problems with the server.

The first thing that makes Cheap Dedicated Server hosting a superior selection over shared web hosting is stability and reliability. Although shared web hosting is managed properly, user overhead can disrupt business. In addition, incorrect codes and the use of irrelevant scripts on the server can also cause serious problems. On the other hand, install only the desired application and software on your server that is necessary for your business.

Second and perhaps the basic concern in this comparison is security. In hosting Cheap Dedicated Server hosting you are the owner of the entire server, so no one else will have access to your server? Most web hosting companies offer UK Dedicated Server hosting with advanced security features such as an external firewall. This helps you further protect access rights to your server. In case of problems, the company provides rapid technical support which is also a strength to consider. In managed Cheap Linux Dedicated Server hosting the chances of such problems remain very minimal and you enjoy maximum security.

On UK Dedicated Server hosting, you can update the functionality of the server at any time according to your business needs. In case you need additional bandwidth or the search for additional RAM updates it in no time. You can also choose between the Linux or Windows operating system and the selection of a Cpanel or Plesk control panel on your server. Considering that, in shared accounts, web hosting companies do not allow customers to update specific features, but must update the entire package.

Most users are fed up with shared hosting while suffering from slow site loading. But this realization comes too late and already costs significant losses in terms of users. Another thing is the IP address assigned to each domain on a shared server which remains a big problem in Internet marking. All SEO gurus know a bad neighbor of your site on the same server with the same IP address that ranks the costs of the search engine never like this. To avoid this problem, the dedicated IP address is the only solution. If you are on Cheap Dedicated Server hosting with a dedicated IP address, you will always have your website active and downloadable quickly for your visitors. This will not only encourage your existing customers to target your services to other people, but you will also get better chances of higher search engine rankings than your competitors.

If you have a Cheap Dedicated Server hosting or are planning to have one for yourself, you must be pretty sure of the server’s security. Because when it comes to a Dedicated Server hosting there is no excuse for why you don’t have adequate security provisions for the server. In addition, you will have the hosting company that will provide you with the server and server security provisions. When you have a Windows server, you need to worry about security since Windows is the best known operating system in the world. For the security of Windows Dedicated Server hosting, you will have many options and one of them is the firewall on UK Dedicated Server hosting

Incoming and outgoing connections that can cause server problems are allowed or denied by the firewall of Windows Cheap Dedicated Server hosting. This is done by the set of rules and devices based on these rules. This type of regulation is usually performed on a single network and can also be performed on multiple networks and this depends on the customer’s needs. For this reason, you can avoid threats or security errors caused by the network. It is designed to avoid main server problems and protect the server.

Why Do You Need A Dedicated Server? Onlive Server

It is quite possible that when you had started your website,  you had opted for shared hosting. That is because it is the cheapest option and while starting, the budget is a very important factor. But eventually, once your website starts growing, you understand the need to upgrade to make it more substantial. Now, one thing you may have heard is about a cheap UK based dedicated server and it might have raised the question “why do you need it?” The answer is related to your upgrading needs. When your website experiences a rise in traffic or you can anticipate it soon, dedicated servers are the best option. They have strong security features and can manage traffic load, keeping the performance of the website smooth.

What is dedicated to hosting and how it can be distinguished from others?

  • UK Dedicated hosting, as the name suggests, allows you to enjoy the server all to yourself. You will be bombarded with immense power and flexibility but this is often a premium offer. Hence is always better to research before opting for any plan.
  • Websites running on a shared hosting plan soon expand and reach the cheap dedicated server plan’s limits. There are two options in such a situation, one is upgrading to a virtual private server or a dedicated one.
  • Shared hosting provides your website with a spot on the server with multiple others. When you are operating a personal blog or just starting your business this seems to be sufficient. However, after some time, you realize how much you are compromising on the performance and you also need to give up on flexibility, as others are sharing the same server you won’t be allowed to configure it.
  • A VPS is another very good option as you allotted your own space, although you share the server with others. Your site will be completely separated from other uses, resulting in better consistency in performance. You even enjoy the flexibility to configure your server.

Why would you need a dedicated server?

UK based dedicated server is one of the most powerful server plans existing in the present, apart from cloud hosting. So, here are 4 reasons why you should invest in this plan.

Germany Server Hosting
UK Dedicated Server Hosting
  1. Your website needs the ability to handle increasing traffic

If you get the intuition that your website is about to touch the peak very soon, the best option would be to switch to a UK dedicated server. For instance, if you continue to use shared hosting even when your traffic hikes up, the performance of your website drops. You are exposed to higher bounce rates and loss of revenue. It becomes very essential that you migrate your website and stabilize its performance before any potential problem hits.

It is advised that your website should be made strong to handle a hike of up to 30 times your normal daily traffic, to be able to cope up with promotions and special events. If it is not devised that way, there are high chances of site crashes and leaving a negative impact on user experience.

  1. Security is a prominent concern for your website

No doubt, security is a primary concern for every website owner, but there are specifically some websites that deal with sensitive information daily. It can be confidential emails, credit card numbers or any sensitive customer information. In such cases, it becomes a responsibility to protect the websites from hackers, viruses and other risks.

A cheap dedicated server hosting makes you in charge of your site’s security. You are free to optimize the features for specific requirements as well as the stored files. The website enjoys complete flexibility and you can utilize its features, implementing them the way you desire.

Some specific hosts allow you to enjoy fully-managed as well as semi-managed maintenance plans. Is briefly means that you can share the responsibilities to manage different things with your host. You can easily give a task to an expert with mission-critical functionality while handling the other features yourself.

  1. You want optimal page loading time

The time is taken by your page to load significantly impacts all aspects of your website. More timing will respectively lead to low engagement metrics and high bounce rates. A cheap dedicated server can ease out this problem with optimization.

If you are on a shared server, you would be alien to the fact that you when are your server’s resources being used somewhere else, affecting your site drastically by slowing it down. A dedicated server will make sure you have the bandwidth you required to multiply your page loading times.

  1. Having control over your server is what you prefer

The amount of control you enjoy with the UK dedicated server is addictive. You are responsible and free to use your server any way you want. You even get to choose the server software. If you’re someone who prefers the resource control of NGINX over Apache, you can do so. The best part is you can install your operating system (OS) and adjust hardware specifications. These factors make cheap dedicated server hosting an attractive option for advanced web developers who knows how to utilize the unique and specific features to the fullest.

Therefore, if your website is on the verge of hiking up, it is time for you to switch to a dedicated server for smooth performance and complete control over the server, with optimization advantages.

How Dedicated Servers Beneficial In Gaming? – onlive infotech

You can relate to situations where you are in the winning moment and your game just suddenly freezes or you lose connection. Any internet glitch can lead to loss of rank or data and gamers do not take the loss very well. So, they have switched to a dedicated server for a reliable source of connection and bandwidth which is solely dedicated to gaming requirements. This way there will be no lag, free from connectivity issues, and no interruption. But make sure you are not opting for cheap dedicated server hosting as they can ruin the experience for you. A dedicated server allows you a worry-free environment, where you can enjoy the gaming experience with friends or alone.
Let’s discuss a few things you need to know before choosing your dedicated server for gaming.

1. The resources you would require

Computer games in modern times require a lot of resources to work without any glitches. Only a private server will serve you that smoothness. If you want to play in a group or invite your friends, the resources are most likely to exhaust quickly so you have to go for a big enough gaming dedicated server.

2. Bandwidth and Memory

For a fast and seamless connection, bandwidth and memory are two priorities. You know that gaming requires an ultrafast connection and only a good bandwidth can help you with that. Even though you need more bandwidth, but make sure you do not end up over-investing for the extras you don’t need.

3. A cheap dedicated server may not be the best

As this will only be a gaming dedicated server you might not be in an agreement to spend a lot on it. But the ones which come cheap will not have the connectivity customer service you require. Hence, it is always better to get a good storage dedicated server.

4. Dedicated Customer Service

After investing in your own dedicated server and experiencing the time of your life, enjoying gaming to its fullest, there might come a time when you face glitches. You call the customer service and there is no one on the other end. Feel scary, right? A dedicated server with a dedicated customer service center is important to answer your queries.

5. Keep a check on additional fees

There are a lot of packages in the market which will entice you to invest in. It is very much possible that you would find everything you think you need. The trick here is the most of these features come with a price and the more you keep on adding, the more expensive it gets.

6. There should be an option to Monetize

You should be able to make some money out of your dedicated server. This can be done if the larger gaming servers who are frustrated with slowdowns and connectivity glitches, want to pay you a certain amount for your service for smooth performance. But, that requires your server to be big enough to support the new players.

7. Try not to run a server at home

If the dedicated server for gaming is what you have decided, remember that building your own server running it from your home can be a headache. You have to deal with bandwidth, space and everything else which is important. So, it is always a better decision to run a remote dedicated server.

It is always a voice to do a lot of research before a purchase. Packages can be really tricky to figure out and go for something which has representatives to talk, who can help you understand the tricks. Apart from gaming, a dedicated server helps in a lot of other ways to run your business.

Why Japan and USA Based Server is Most Important for Business

Best Dedicated Server Hosting:

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Why Japan and USA Based Server is Most Important for Business

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USA Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

USA Dedicated Server - Onlive Server

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