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VPS Server Hosting

When it comes to website hosting, a VPS is a logical step towards a shared hosting plan. As your site grows, shared hosting will become insufficient over time, and you will need more resources. Therefore, your goal is to know how to determine when to choose a VPS server correctly.

How to choose a cheap VPS server

  • Select the type of VPS that suits your needs.
  • Find out how to join to a VPS using Secure Shell Access (SSH).
  • Use the authority line to manage the Cheap VPS.

For the website to be good, it desires a server to which the open public has access. A server is a computer, just like any other server, but specialized software (and sometimes individual devices) is configured for it.

When people talk about shared hosting, it means many websites stored on the same server. This method allows suppliers to offer lower costs, so general plans are generally cheaper on the market. However, this type of accommodation has certain disadvantages.

To understand this, believe your website, as a computer program, requires resources such as RAM and a processor. The more people use this program at the same time, the higher the total funds needed.

However, each computer (or server) has a limited amount of resources available. This way that with mutual hosting, you may notice that it slow down your website. In general, this usually only happens in this case:

  • When a hosting supplier installs many sites on a solo server.

If a trusted hosting provider is identified, the first scenario should not be a problem. However, with the growing popularity of the site, performance issues may be inevitable because the possibilities of a simple plan are limited. That defines that it’s time to move to an improved hosting plan.

In other words, a cheap VPS server is required. The term “virtual private server” (VPS) may sound scary, but in reality, it is straightforward. For VPS, the same physical server is always shared with other users. However, each site receives a virtual partition from this server with the specified amount of resources.

vps hosting 2

Here are the main differences between VPS and shared hosting:

  • VPS is very standalone. Even while you use a mutual server, each VPS is, in fact, its situation with no snooping with other sections. You don’t have to split assets. Each VPS receives a certain amount of resources so that you won’t find any bottlenecks due to high traffic on other sites.
  • VPS is highly scalable. Depending on the provider, you can increase VPS resources as needed (for example, if your site continues to grow, you will get more RAM or CPU).
  • You can have full management over your server. You can use VPS to configure server settings yourself or from your hosting provider.

Shared hosting plans usually don’t give you much control over server settings. Instead, it creates everything for you and allows you to communicate with the server through the host control panel, as in the following example:

Advanced panel features

These dashboards usually have many options. However, this can be ineffective if you specialize in server administration (or want to know how to configure your server). In this case, it would be better to choose VPS because it would be better to control the settings.

Finally, choosing a Cheap VPS Server requires more resources and features to manage the site more efficiently. Now let’s talk about the best time to make this change.

When to switch from shared hosting to VPS

As mentioned above, the main factor when choosing a VPS is performance. In other words, if you have a website that receives too much traffic, shared hosting won’t be able to keep up with it at some point.

The speed at which you reach this point depends on the equipment provided by your hosting provider and the configuration of the server and plan you are using. Most service providers end up offering several levels of packages, even for shared hosting.

Since no other source offers the same knowledge, it can be tricky to know when to desire a VPS. However, if your site meets some (or all) of the following criteria, you may be prepared to dive in:

  • Get a minimum of 100-200 visits per day.
  • The rate of immediate abandonment is continuously increasing.
  • Your site’s loading time increases, and you begin to see downtime.

Please note that 100-200 visits are only a general rule. If you have a sufficiently comprehensive and robust plan, you can process thousands of visits per month. It should also be noted that the performance of your site can be affected by many factors, regardless of the hosting plan you use.


We, therefore, recommend that you actively optimize your website so that it is always fast. But if your website is starting to generate more traffic and it’s still running slow, even after trying all the tricks you know to improve it, it’s time to choose a VPS server.

In most cases, there should be enough shared hosting when starting a new site. After a while, though, your website is probable to cultivate to the point where it needs more assets. At this point, you’ll need to improve to a VPS server if you need your website to work better.

Onlive Server – Cheap Ukraine VPS hosting – Your bull’s eye to make your business soar great heights.

Modern information technology offers many options for cheap Ukraine VPS server hosting services. Still, the selection of one which houses all the latest enhanced and efficient features becomes very important to make your business flourish. Onlive Server is the most prominent Linux based Server Hosting Provider company. Our cheap windows VPS hosting service is aimed at catering to the needs of small and medium businesses. We, at the Onlive server, are dedicated to providing the best Cheap Ukraine VPS hosting services, which involves the provision of the latest and efficient technologies and services needed to view a website or webpage on the Internet. The Web hosting provider has to offer the highest scalability, reliability, compatibility, and performance to its clients to prove itself to be the best. These are the crucial factors of any Cheap Windows VPS hosting provider, and this is precisely the reason why the online server has marked its niche in this arena to provide the best VPS Web hosting.

What is Web VPS server hosting? 

Web VPS server hosting, in simple words, is the hosting of web technologies and services to the websites or webpages which need to be viewed on Internet. Websites are hosted or stored on what we call the servers by the providers. These web hosts are the companies that rent the technologies and services to the host websites on the internet. The users can then access it by feeding their web address i.e., the domain name in the web browser.

ukraine VPS hosting

Ukraine VPS Web hosting. The Ukraine VPS Web hosting is the one name that pops out as the most reliable and secure hosting provider with its unique features of being compatible with all the popular software and hardware. It offers a wide range of plans to customers to select their slice, which would best suit their needs. Here are some of the essential features that make it stand out from the crowd of market-masses.

Best Web hosting values. The onlive Ukraine Web hosting service offers serve as the best option for the high-end processing and development of websites, remote file storage with robust and complex data, video encoding, special projects like gaming, and so on. At par with the performance, security, and customer support, we at onlive server offer best deals and maintain cost-effectiveness with low price points. We believe in touting high- value Ukraine VPS Hosting plans at affordable rates.

Software and Hardware compatibility

Onlive servers provide the Ukraine Linux Web Hosting as a free, open-source choice to its esteemed customers. We take pride in utilizing the latest PHP versions with Centos, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, and Perl installations. We are loaded with the server of XEON 2.4 GHz and above 8-20 Core CPU, upto 10TB HDD, 32-128 GB RAM capacity. Thus, the customers can enjoy reliable and uninterrupted service in the most demanding scenario.

Faster Response Time. The cheap Ukraine VPS Web Hosting service provided by the Onlive servers ensures faster downtime, thus proving to be time-efficient too. In case of any problems, a knowledgeable team is anytime ready at our customer support base to provide help. It’s a part of a more extensive system of working and mechanism.

Main features of Ukraine VPS hosting. Onlive cheap Ukraine VPS Web hosting has wonderful plans for its customers who can choose according to their requirements. They are Standard Linux Web Hosting, Business Linux Web Hosting, and Reseller Linux Web Hosting, each with its unique features.

Customized hardware and software configurations. It involves specialized management processes to make sure everything is functioning without any problems. Onlive server provides Cheap Windows VPS hosting, which handles time-consuming website loading tasks with ease. Besides, it facilitates effective server administration, offers unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth, unlimited Websites and Subdomains, Unlimited Email and IMAP/POP Mailboxes, Unlimited MySQL 5.5.x Databases, Unlimited Mailbox storage along with managed Windows hosting services, and much more. It offers a free Plesk control panel which supports the Windows operating system. The security package includes advanced SSL protection along with DDoS security. The full root access and wonderful WHM support ensure scalability, uninterrupted performance, and stability of the server.


Reduced dependency. Onlive server’s Cheap Windows VPS hosting offers independence web server hosting and allows your online business to scale greater heights with reduced dependency on a dedicated server. With the ease of accessing it at the full root level, you can now enjoy and experience ground-level security of your data.

Application compatibility

The onlive server’s Ukraine cheap VPS Web hosting offers the most reliable features, as listed below.

  • Up to 20X faster Servers
  • Knowledgeable Team support ·
  • Free Account Migration ·
  • 99% Uptime commitment ·
  • Managed Linux Web hosting service ·
  • Anytime upgrade

Premium Network Onlive server’s Ukraine VPS  hosting takes pride in making an impeccable reputation in providing these features in the digital technology world. It offers different plans to cater to the diverse needs of the client. Without any further ado, you can now host your website online and let the onlive server do the heavy lifting for you through its windows Web hosting. Onlive servers, through Cheap Windows VPS hosting, are dedicated to translating the word cheap into an excellent quality to meet customer’s satisfaction. And that’s not it all! Onlive servers also provide the latest updates in Linux Web hosting. The online customer support by Ukraine VPS Web hosting is available anytime to guide you in the selection of the best plan according to your business needs. Anytime to guide you in the selection of the best plan according to your business needs.

Get Up to Discount on Cheap VPS Server with Unlimited Traffic & High Performance

Cheap VPS Server Hosting:

Now you can enjoy the benefits of hosting server at an affordable price as we are giving you Up to Discount on our Cheap VPS Server Hosting. We are providing you a cheap hosting server with lots of hosting features which a customer need. Our hosting server enriched with advanced technology and latest equipment. We offer you a high-level security i.e. firewall protection that protects your server from unauthorized access or malicious software like viruses, Trojan horses, and from other malicious programs that may harm your server. Its high bandwidth facility is useful to host your large or complicated website.

Cheap-VPS Hosting

Our hosting server can be used for video encoding, remote file access, data backup, gaming server, development of site & software and for many purposes. Besides these all, we offer you our own data center nearby your location that will give you a better network up-time to your server.

Root Access: – You will get full root access upon the server so you are able to manage the whole server according to your need. You can do any type of update or modification. You are also able to choose the software of your choice. You can easily customize the whole server according to your need.

Choose Your Plan: – We have hosting server plan for all type of business class so you can choose the best one which suits your business need.

Our web hosting company offers you VPS Hosting Server at the cheapest price with lots of hosting features. Now by using our powerful hosting tools, you can make your web hosting easy and fast. You can give a new direction to your business need. We have lots of hosting server plans according to your business need, so you can choose the best one which fulfills your requirement.

Cheap VPS Server Hosting Plans

VPS Server Hosting Plans - Onlive Server

There are some benefits of VPS Server Hosting: –

High-Performance HDD Storage: – We use high quality and fast HDD storage device in VPS Hosting Server to store your huge amount of data. As well you can also increase your storage resource if you need, without facing any downtime.

Remote Control: – Now we added a smart and latest technology in our VPS server i.e. you can access your server remotely from any place in the world. You can easily start, reboot and stop your hosting server remotely.

Plesk, cPanel or Webmin: – We offer you Plesk, cPanel or Webmin control panel facility with full root access. You can manage the whole server by yourself. Having full control over the server you are able to do any update or modification according to your business need.

Unlimited Traffic Generation: – We offer you high bandwidth facility with unlimited traffic generation with our hosting server. Now you are able to generate more traffic to your site and make it popular for your business need.

Firewall protection: – We provide you a high level and managed security by giving you a Firewall protection. Now your server is safe from unauthorized access or from unwanted software programs. We also do server virus scanning at a certain interval of time.

Disaster Recovery Solution: – For server’s data security we regularly take the backup of server’s data and keep it far from your data center. So in the case of any mishappening or disaster, you easily get your data back without any data loss.

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Adopt the Best USA VPS Hosting Powered by Onlive Server

The Best USA VPS Hosting:

Do you need the best USA VPS Server hosting solution to solve all web hosting problems? Are you thinking about hiring the best server hosting service provider? Well, you’ve come to the best platform. Onlive Server is one of the leading providers of USA VPS Hosting Server and Linux servers in USA location. So far, we offer world-class hosting server solutions to our valued customers. This allows them to access the service the next time and even to send back to others. As a result, we are recognised as a server hosting company all over the world.

Adopt the Best USA VPS Hosting Powered by Onlive Server

Best Plan for VPS Server Hosting:

Onlive Server offers the best server hosting plans on your site. Yes, our company is known for providing the best hosting and server services worldwide. So, undoubtedly get the best and modern technology-based hosting server. We have the best plans that make your website and relax heavily on costs. So, do hurry to get the best offer with VPS Server Hosting. We have both modify VPS server hosting in USA and the hosting of cheap VPS servers offers a definitive and adequate solution. We are interested in hosting cheap servers with many interesting features. In addition, we make hosting for Linux and Windows VPS servers in USA for small and growing businesses.

We have the best support as technical to users. Get the cheapest plan for Cheap VPS Hosting with advance features. VPS server hosting will help you to assure that the business site is equipped with the advanced features. When you hire us, you will gain the high quality, flexible, and advantageous site to your business.

VPS Server Hosting Plans - Onlive Server

Contact Us:

Our Cheap VPS Server Hosting renders the facilities of 24×7 hours monitoring, backup, premium bandwidth, high level of security, etc in order to improve the site performance. We make believe to our users for the best trust-able server hosting. Onlive Server provide all kind of support to our users at all over the world. It creates users’ website more flexible and scalable. Also, you will get the smoothness on your website through OS based Server Hosting.

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Onlive Server – Smooth Running Website by Cheap VPS Hosting at the USA

The server hosting solution is an important part of the business. People configure the service with the need to host servers. Cheap VPS Hosting is provided by the reputed service provider in the industry. First, we examine the business needs and then decide to provide the server. You can get an efficient hosting solution from our experts. Our experts make the server with great things like, here are some features for the best VPS Server hosting.

  • Storage space
  • Bandwidth
  • Process
  • Protocols
  • Control panel
  • KVM and other virtualization

You can use a better hosting solution to increase the value of the business in the industry. The company can maintain its distinguished name and achieve the intended result through Cheap VPS Server Hosting. We give the hosting plan according to user needs. The server handles many features. Business owners are aware of the use of hosting services for the website.

Improve website security

The website is essential in the business. When it comes to starting a business, people first consider the website. We offer the best services for hosting Linux VPS servers. The VPS server is integrated with a fully customized option. You can choose the server considering important terms such as power, memory, SSD, etc. We give the immediate solution to users who need the best server for the purpose of their business.

Why Cheap VPS Server?

Get this best USA VPS HostingVP with amazing features. Onlive Server is well known for providing this best server hosting with reliable. This is a great opportunity for users to access customers on the same platform. The server cannot share any information on the site with other people. You can get a considerable advantage of using Windows VPS Server Hosting. The owners of the companies take care of the services. Users never encounter problems while using the server. Therefore, services dedicated to server hosting can be obtained.

Onlive Server Come Up with USA VPS Hosting for Small and Large Size Website

Web hosting companies deliver the best Server Hosting Services to users. Onlive Server is one of them. Onlive Server offers USA VPS Hosting for business growth and development. Dedicated and VPS server hosting solutions in the USA come backed by multiple leading data centers and fantastic support guaranteeing complete success for online businesses.


These solutions perform optimally all the time with 100$ network availability. Combined with an assorted range of safety, management and performance features, you get to use a fully customized and fully managed VPS server hosting solution as per the requirements of your business. The hosting ninjas in the USA work in close coordination with the clients for building solutions that help in reducing the load on IT staff while placing applications in a reliable and safe network.

How does VPS Server Hosting Help Businesses in the USA?

With USA VPS server hosting, you can leave everything on the hosting company and have your focus on your products and services and on your clients. Boost resource utilization and performance with enterprise VPS servers available from different web hosting companies in the USA.

Web hosting companies in the USA deliver budget-friendly Linux VPS server hosting solutions that function optimally to boost the performance of a website. Windows VPS server hosting solutions available in the USA are designed as per the requirements of the clients. These solutions come with Solid State Drives or SSD protection and thus offer developers, businesses and designers high performance, high speed, and great stability.

Adopt the Best VPS

Onlive Server Enters with USA VPS Hosting for Cost-Effective and High Performance. So get this amazing offer as well as the amazing quality. Cheap VPS Hosting gives smoothness to a website and makes business websites powerful. With the use of these solutions, businesses can operate their applications and websites in the most efficient manner. If you have a business website that is prone to high traffic then you must surely go for VPS server hosting. Developers running complicated applications that require instant scalability and designers looking to give their client websites the utmost performance should definitely make their way towards USA VPS servers.

Call Us

We are available here for any kind of confusion regarding the Server. Get this best plan with a low budget. Call us or chat with our technical expert who will help you anytime.


Onlive Server Provide Best of Network Based Cheap VPS Server at USA

Pick Cost-Effective VPS Server Hosting

Onlive Server offers the best server hosting services with great benefits. Onlive Server gives the best and Cheap VPS Hosting at USA location. Yes, you can pick best hosting plan which suits perfectly on your website. We give this best hosting services more than 34 countries as well as provide choosy data centers at all locations. Our Server hosting services are well suitable for everyone. As well as it is one of the best servers hosting choice-able by most of the companies, individuals. We have the appropriate plan which we define in the main website of the Onlive Server Company.

Cheap VPS Hosting Image
Cheap VPS Hosting

VPS Server Hosting makes website performance smoother and flexible. So, yes get this best server hosting offer without delay. Our plan is worthy of all kinds of business websites. All sizes of businesses can adopt our best plan. This VPS Server Hosting is ultra-fast in speed and bandwidth. Also, the user has the option to choose the best OS. Users get the many of firewalls, DDoS protection, and other which is fully protected for your operating system.

VPS Server Hosting – Suitable Choice

The Cost of hosting is classified according to different countries and best plans. Don’t worry for the security and reliability purpose. We offer our best plans at all location as well data centers. You can also change the base of the VPS according to the execution needs and improve the customer or customer experience on their site. Flexibility can be the preferred point of view that you have to separate from the websites of your competitors. Note that some VPS providers do not give you full access to your USA VPS Hosting, in which case you will have limited use.

So, always make sure you have a hosting on which you will have full access to the VPS, so you can change everything you need. Onlive Server Company is the best company to provide the best server hosting and cheaper plans. Contact Onlive Server via the website or call and request any career related to the best server hosting plans and services throughout the site. Thank you