All the Amazing Benefits of Germany VPS Server Hosting

How does it feel to have your server get crashed when your website is online? Doesn’t feel good, right? Well, this is a very common thing for people to face when they have a bad hosting provider who aren’t smart enough to take care of the needs of the clients.

However, when an individual plan to go with a high end Germany Server hosting provider who understands the business model of the clients and value the same, it becomes much easier. At times, it is even possible for the server to crash while the website still being online. Might sound foolish but things like these can happen on a regular basis. People going with a Germany VPS Hosting can face it.

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Whatsoever, with a high-end hosting provider like Onlive Server, things like these can be taken care of in seconds. One of the wisest move can a hosting provider can put in the game is to use a DRBD. Well, DRBD must be new to many and must be known by many. However, in simple words if we explain the same, it can easily be explained as Distributed Replicated Block Devices.

The basic job of Distributed Replicated Block Device is to make sure that the server failure doesn’t end up ruining your revenue and therefore bring in huge downtime. A smart user can totally understand when a hosting provider has the same or not. It will either be mentioned on the website and even if it isn’t mention one can call up the hosting provider and get the knowledge about the same.

Cheap Germany VPS Hosting is a difficult thing to handle as many clients share the same server. Many a times, one user has to face issue due to the mistake done by another. In such cases, it is important for the hosting provider to step in and make the use of a DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Devices), this way they can make sure that the business has not been put into damage.

However, this facility is quite expensive and not opted by the regular users. Changing from one node to another in seconds requires a lot of hard work and involvement of dozens of technicians. With the help of DRBD, whenever there is a failure in the server, the data storing in the disk is written off to a new server replicated to make sure that the data are preserved properly.

Apart from it, the High Availability Database Germany based SSD VPS Hosting is a charming hardware class being introduced by some of the big players in the market. It is same as the DRBD but is one step ahead of it. Databases which are very critical and are required by important organizations like healthcare, government, big data or SaaS and eCommerce usually opts for the same. The main function of the High Availability Database Hosting is to make sure that as soon as there is a failure in the current server, the network is being shifted to another server and therefore, there is no loss in revenue and 0% loss of data. All of these happens in second and thus comes at a cost, the organisations are ready to bear.

However, it is not necessary that only the organisations mentioned above opts for the same. People having huge fan base and blogging site with millions of visitor daily can also afford the price of the same and therefore must also go for the same. It is not only about the revenue lost during a downtime but also about the reputation that one puts at stack.

How to Choose the Best Germany VPS Hosting Location for Your Website

Choosing the best host for the website is one of the difficult decisions, like picking up the location. The best host is responsible for the performance of the site, and it is directly linked to the location. Closer the server to the audiences leads to the fast page loading speed. Due to it, make sure that your host provider offers the best location for the Germany VPS HostingMost of the businessmen think that server on a different location enhances the cost. However, it improves the performance of the website. If you think that your website will load quickly, then you have the wrong myth. No website will load with a single click.

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Moreover, the highly optimized website also takes either the milliseconds or one second. In addition to it, numerous factors influence the speed of the website. These websites include images, themes, plugins, scripts, and many more. If you have the WordPress Website, then these problems influenced the speed of the website. Every web page has a collection of files. If the files are more substantial, then it will take extra time to load the page. In contrast to it, the distance of the server also matters in the case of website performance. Now the confusion is how to choose the location of Germany VPS for the website.

  • Target audience: Keep the target audience in your mind. Choose the location as per your target. Suppose that most of your visitors belong to Germany then Germany VPS is fruitful for you. Therefore if you pick the Germany VPS, then you will get the excellent result as well as decrement in the bounce rate.
  • Data centres

Different host providers prefer the different locations of data centres. So do not forget to ask the question from the provider about the data centres. If you are looking for the online hosting provider, then look for this information. This information is mentioned in their profile. The data centre is the place where all the VPS are placed in the line. In addition to that, it creates a full VPS environment.

  • Performance of data centre

The performance of the data centre plays a key role in the location of Germany VPS. You will get this information from your browser. Numerous websites give an overview of the performance of the web hosts. You will get an idea either you get what you are paying, or your existing service provider is worthless.    

If you already paid to the dedicated server, then you do not need to worry. This problem also has the solution that is the migration of your server. Tell your host provider to migrate your server from the present location to a better location. In contrast to it, if you do not have any option related to the migration, then switch the host. Choose that host who will give you the best guidance and responsible for your worth. In addition to it, look for that provider who will offer you the multiple data centres options as well as migration options too. Apart from it, there are several benefits of choosing the right location for your Germany VPS Hosting.

  • Speed

There is a direct link to your server location with the speed of the website. If your data centres are close to your audience, then they will get worthy experience. The reason is that the page will load faster as compared to the other websites. In addition to it, the term latency is the process that the server takes in receiving the request and processing it. If the server is located as per your target audience, then the latency will be increased. The delay in page loading leads to a seven percentile decrement in the conversation rate.

  • SEO

Google considers the speed of the website as the main factor. They give the rank as per the website speed. So for better website speed, it is better to host your site on the excellent location. In addition to it, decent loading speed leads to a higher conversation rate. Even, you can also prefer CDN for the better results of your website.

  • Bounce Rate 

No one can deny the value of the bounce rate if the businessman has an online website. The bounce rate has the ability either to take your website on the peak or at the bottom. There is a secure connection between the bounce rate and speed. Increment in loading speed leads to the decrement in the bounce rate. If your website has a high bounce rate, then it leads to the negative reputation of your website. Therefore make sure that you have a decreased bounce rate.

Germany VPS Hosting

Do not trap your website in the fake host provider. Choose us for a better hosting experience. We will give guidance related to the location. Firstly we listen to our clients then we keep our ideas on the table. In addition to it, we offer those hosting plans that are suitable for your business. Even, these hosting plans are suitable for all types of business right from small business to medium business. Therefore you do not need to worry about the experience of the clients.

In the end, these reasons, as mentioned above, are the best ways to enhance the speed of the website. Do not forget the value of the speed of the website. Think practically as well as techniques for the website speed.

Experience Germany Dedicated Server Hosting Without Any Worry

Our Cheap Cloud VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting in Germany enable you to customize and configure your section truly the way you desire. Regardless of the fact that you share the server other clients, you have your own assigned resources solely for your use. Onlive Server offers excellent scalability that accommodates wavering traffic of your website without getting slow down, and data remains safe. Our German dedicated server hosting plan can answer all your business’s needs when it comes to speed, stability, flexibility, and safety.

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Onlive Server has its own global network offering dedicated servers and complex hosting services from Germany to other regions all over the world. From support to hosting server production, Onlive Server manages the whole process. We use state-of-the-art data centers. All of our hosting servers are housed in the country’s top data-centers with world-class infrastructure & network. Our data centers are industrialized making it possible for us to render automatic server delivery. We ensure that you will get the greatest value on the market for your money for all Germany Dedicated Server Hosting Plan both stand alone as self-managed and fully managed. We also manage to provide space with excessive power supplies, air-conditioning, network and psychical safety for server location and data racks.

With our Germany Dedicated Server Hosting, you receive more than 99.99% network up-time guarantee due to our data center facility nearby your place. We have a team of highly skilled and efficient technical experts with numerous years of experience, which is available 24*7 and keeps an eye on your server all day and night.  Whenever you encounter any server issue, reach our team instantly. Our experts will respond you with a perfect resolution in a matter of seconds.

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