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If you have come up with a WordPress website for your company. Now what? The next step should be considering cheap Dedicated Server hosting. Shared hosting would not be the right step for you if you have recently come up with a business website and are looking to gain online visibility. With web pages for varied locations and services, your site might be relatively large. So, it is quite likely for the site to take time to load up and the upload rate might slow down further as the site keeps growing. So, the shared hosting setup might not work for you for a very long term. This is where you need to start considering cheap Dedicated Server hosting. Site owners who are in the look out of extra services from their server hosting providers but without having to pay a hefty price should always go for UK Dedicated Server hosting. This type of server hosting is the perfect middle ground between dedicated and shared hosting. The Dedicated Server hosting providers put fewer websites on the servers which means more storage space and faster speeds within the most affordable rates.

Features You Can Expect

Moving your website to cheap Dedicated Server that runs on a powerful system and offers the resources your site requires for performing optimally will bring you a number of advantages. No matter whether you are looking to come up with a very large business website or outgrowing your shared hosting facilities, cheap Linux Dedicated Server is always worth considering.

It would be far more beneficial for you to go for a UK Dedicated Server hosting services of Onlive Server as this hosting provider has a lot to offer to its clients. the Tokyo based data centers of the provider offer Dedicated Server hosting that comes loaded with features like 1 core processor, unlimited bandwidth, KVM Architecture, 30 GB storage space, 1 GB RAM, 20 Mbps network connectivity speed and 1 dedicated IP address. In the operating system category, you do not only get Linux but even Windows while the control panel options include Webmin, Sentora, VestaCP, ISPConfig, ZPanel and Plesk.


Choosing the Right Dedicated Server Hosting Provider

It is quite possible for you to get your site hosted on a cheap Dedicated Server within an affordable range and still get high quality and features from the hosting provider. Sites hosted on a cheap Linux Dedicated Server have their very own servers sharing computer space with the other servers. The clients pay only for the space they require which means there are very few restrictions when it comes to using system resources.

Reliability is an Important Concern

It is always very important to be extra careful when making the choice of UK Dedicated Server hosting provider. The very first thing you need to look out for is reliability of the hosting provider. You can easily measure the reliability of the provider by going through the server uptime offered. This is the time during which a server remains operational. In other words, it is important for you to ensure that your site is not unavailable to the users in any circumstances because of server downtime.

Tight Security is Must

Yet another important feature to look out for us complete security. Tight security ensures that the Dedicated Server server will not be susceptible to sensitive data leakages and online criminals.

World-Class Hardware

Make sure that the cheap Dedicated Server hosting provider that you are going for offers top quality hardware for accommodating the Dedicated Server server. The dedicated RAM, storage space and COU features offered by the provider need to be sufficiently robust for enduring heavy usage.

Look for Flexibility

One of the greatest advantages of UK Dedicated Server hosting is the potential of controlling and customizing the different aspects of the hosting server. These include data transfer, installations and storage. Freedom and flexibility to add customized installations along with other important resources to the server, regardless of the fact that you manage them yourself or pay for the same to be managed, is necessary. It is also important for you to look out for dependable technical support that can further help you in troubleshooting the problems you face in using cheap Dedicated Server.

Why Dedicated Server?

It is quite common for you to get hold of Dedicated Server hosting providers operating Linux operating systems on their hosting servers. More and more hosting providers run Linux because this operating system is widely known for its tight security and reliability. These are the two most important things that the customers completely depend on when it comes to keeping their sites up and running all the time. Linux-based cheap Dedicated Server packages offer businesses good value for money mainly because such systems can be updated very easily by simply making use of necessary codes for fixing bugs and for patching up issues in the Linux open-source environment.

A few commonly asked questions about Dedicated Server hosting are as follows:

What are the two most important things to look out for in Linux Dedicated Server hosting providers?

It is important to look out for providers offering sufficient storage and bandwidth allowances.

What are the other important attributes to consider?

Other attributes worth consideration are security updates and patches, customization options and customer service.

Is pricing competitive in this field?

Yes, pricing is highly competitive and this is what helps customers in getting the best bargains.

Why is Dedicated Server hosting affordable for the new clients?

Dedicated Server hosting is more affordable for new clients mainly because of promotions.

What is site uptime?

It is the time span during which your site remains available to the users.

How Can I Easily Distinguish Between Dedicated Servers?

Dedicated server hosting providers offer fully managed self-managed and unmanaged services. You can select these and decide with the provider before making agreements. A self-managed service with technical security is a desirable option.

Dedicated Server Is Indispensable Services:

For those with a large client base and high data traffic, a dedicated server is indispensable, since it alone has facilities that enable a high data bandwidth and a high data volume without clogging. A potential customer leaves a site if it takes too long to load. The dedicated server hosting is reliable and stable and can handle a lot of traffic. Since it is fully managed with full support, there are very few technical problems that can lead to errors. You can install the software and applications you want. Fast data exchange in real-time is possible and the interaction with customers can be done quickly and quickly.

The reliability of data servers is the key factor. With a dedicated server, you can update your data as often and quickly as you like. An online shop can easily visualize the advantages. Your website is always operational and accessible to any number of visitors at any time. Emails and messages are never blocked due to insufficient storage space. The result is higher business volumes that lead to more profit.

Typical Server Setup Costs

The typical server setup is offered by Intel Dual Xeon E5620 2.4 GHz server with 500 GB hard drive, 16 GB RAM, up to 15000 GB bandwidth with free setup, 24×7 support as well as Linux or Windows server-based operating system and 100% Network availability, 5 to 13 IPs with control panels and all necessary hosting functions. If you are using the website or have previously worked with web hosts or servers, you may be familiar with the terms of the dedicated server hosting and the shared server. Many people out there today may not be able to distinguish between dedicated and shared servers. So if you’re looking for web hosting service providers that offer servers to your advantage, you should first understand the difference between these two servers so you can find the right server for your needs. In reality, dedicated servers would help you maintain your business better in the long run. Nowadays you see a lot of web hosts that offer more attractive cheap dedicated server packages with incentives to attract customers. But why are they doing this? Before asking these questions, we first differentiate between the shared server and the dedicated server.

Several factors play a role in the selection of the different types of servers available on the market today. These types of servers offer several advantages, and each type may offer something unique that another does not. For this reason, you need to examine different types of servers before deciding on one. Many different companies offer Windows dedicated server hosting and some Linux Dedicated Server Hosting. so you also want to compare prices for the server that best suits your needs.

The two main types of servers are managed and not managed. Aside from that, there are different levels of managed dedicated servers, depending on your knowledge of how to run them properly. The servers include self-managed, managed and fully managed dedicated server hosting. Self-managed servers are great for users who know how to use a server properly and are experienced in managing a server themselves without technical support. Partially managed servers give you the freedom to manage the server yourself, but have technical support if you need it at any time. Fully managed is the best option for people who have no server experience or just don’t have the time.


Let’s start with the shared server. If you get little or medium traffic, shared servers will work for you because they cost a lot less than dedicated ones. As the name suggests, if you use a shared server, you would have to share your resources with other users on the same server. Regardless of how much random access memory (RAM) the server has, you would still have to share this amount with other users of the server. As a result, there may be a problem with limited resources as more users use the server.

Typically, a new username will be created for anyone who logs in (you’ll also have to pay for the space you need on the server). In general, by default, every user on a UNIX-based computer has some items in their directories. For example, the base folder is specified under / home / user, while the web folder is / home / user / www. These two folders are extremely important and you will see them not only in shared hosting services but also in dedicated hosting services. If you have a relatively simple website or website with little traffic, it is recommended that you choose a shared web hosting service as it would be cheaper.

However, if you have a fairly complex or popular website that has a lot of traffic, a Cheap dedicated server hosting is the more logical choice. Most web providers choose this solution and give you an immediate advantage over other webmasters who use shared servers. This is mainly because you usually have more storage space on a gaming dedicated server to you and only you, and you don’t have storage space problems if you don’t fully use the server space. You can also run your website more effectively and quickly. With exclusive access to the processor and memory, you can easily edit your website. While this option is more expensive, it is definitely worth the money if you can afford it.

Advantages Of Cheap Web Hosting Over Dedicated Server And VPS Hosting

Cheap Web hosting offers many advantages to a webmaster as it can offer the customer 100% airtime and unrestricted service. Typically, Cheap Dedicated Server hosting is searched for one of the following reasons: the resources available in shared hosting are inadequate, the performance of shared hosting is good to compare to other hosting provider Company and also get the control over the software installed on the server without choosing the dedicated server and VPS Hosting. Cheap Web hosting is usually less stable because hundreds of websites hosted on the same server share the available resources. Sharing resources in a competitive environment slows down server performance.


Our Cheap Web is created with a powerful and reliable server, which in turn is divided into several virtual servers at the hardware or software level. Each of the virtual servers then acts as an independent and separate dedicated server. So you get virtually full access at the root level with better customization of the most available dedicated servers without being affected by the bad performance of shared hosting. Our web hosting plans can run an entire operating system on its own and has the option of restarting independently. That means it has the functions of a single server and can act as a separate server.

The main advantage of Cheap dedicated server Hosting is that you get the server to installed software as well as create accounts. Where no need to set permissions, and do virtually the same things. The dedicated server is costly as compared to web hosting Price can perform services. Before choosing a particular web hosting Provider Company, you should spend enough time online to read the reviews of different providers and compare the hosting plans. This will help you avoid future problems.

Opt For Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

It will be a great idea to have your own website as it has become inevitable in today’s world scenario where globalization is at the forefront. Hosting a website will bring you closer to everyone. Dedicated hosting or website is, therefore, a very important step for your success as a company. Anyone can start a website with little investment.

Once you’ve chosen dedicated server hosting, a web development company that can develop a website to meet your needs. The best hosting company is the next step. Choosing a hosting company should be done carefully to avoid problems when running websites. A host should be considered considering your interests in terms of reliability, scalability, performance, availability, and security factors.

A factor in the host’s decision should be its technology. Are they on the best available technology or are they doing business on a very old system that ignores all of the above requirements? The web hosting platform is a very important factor for the technology. Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting systems are currently popular on the market. But Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting is known for its countless functions. On the other hand, Linux web hosting servers are known for their resistance to viruses and worms. On the contrary, Windows systems are vulnerable to the myriad of viruses known on the market. A Linux server can survive a virus attack with a restart. The maximum damage it can do is slow down memory until it restarts. This means that cheap Linux web hosting is more secure than any other web platform. Web security is the cornerstone of the web hosting business and depends much more on security than on the latest technologies.


When considering a Cheap Linux Web hosting, you should ensure maximum availability. Nobody can guarantee 100% availability and nobody needs a site that doesn’t work either. Second, a dedicated internet connection is very important. Additional requirements include multiple email accounts and an SQL database, as well as the most recently installed content management system. A significant majority of employees have reported working from home much longer than when they were still in the office, but in fact, they are happier to do so. Many large presentations can be done via webinar and Skype is not free!

In the past, it was just important people in the organization who had a computer and maybe a few secretaries … now everyone has a networked PC on their desk and some people also have a laptop so they can take their work home or present it to local customers. As more and more of your employees were technically activated, the bandwidth and server space required increased proportionally. In addition to this process, it used to happen that the IT department secured additional hardware, bandwidth, and software. Nowadays, a company can add or subtract capacities as required by the network load without the need for special halon gas protected rooms with flashing green lights. The average person on the street can now understand what a virtual private network is, understand the concept of homework, and is used to seeing these business people wearing suits in every Starbucks across the country.

The implementation is really easy. You don’t need to purchase Cheap Linux web hosting hardware or software licenses or additional office space because you can get a very flexible solution to your needs from a provider like ours. But if you choose Cheap Windows web hosting plans, where users have to purchase the software. Onlive Server has typically been able to offer reliable solutions to our customers, and we are large enough to have huge data centers with endless amounts of storage and computing capacity.

Reap The Benefits Of Server Hosting Service At Lowest Price

Reap The Benefits Of Server Hosting Service At Lowest Price

Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting

Onlive Infotech Company is able to provide you the best web server hosting services according to your preferences and requirements. We have the countrywide Dedicated Servers and VPS hosting plans. we offer the ultimate-class servers to your online business. you can prepare your website to run fast on the website field. Onlive Infotech company comes with various types of web servers such as: VPS, Shared, WordPress Server, Magento Web Hosting and Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting for various locations. Here you can easily find your favourite Dedicated plans, which you think will suit your business needs or likes. We give a reasonable guarantee of our dedicated plan.

Dedicated Server at Cheap Prices, Sounds good? This is real:

Come to look our best plans with high server values and at least rates: – We are coming to bring the best dedicated server hosting plan with the very affordable price tag. Our experts will help to differentiate between the price and the values of dedicated hosting. If you pick our Dedicated Server then you can get the minimum prices and the best values of plans like: Free technical assistance, Control Panel to control, KVM Virtualization, Manageable & Optimizing choices, WHM Support, Powerful SLA, etc.

Save Pocket Bucket

Our plan is affordable for the largest traders. If you want to save your assets, then here you can spend some dollars for your web hosting services.

By the support of our hosting solution, you can unlock the helpful features of the website so that you can reach Skyrocket. This will also make the difference in visitors experience on your site as well as on your site’s performance.

Big Edge Line of Data Centre

While ordering our best and Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting then you can get the more secure FREE Data Centre factor. The Data centre delivery many more services to the business-based projects. We offer you foremost flexible functionality, reliability, Manageable and complete customer help from Data Centres. Get best facilities of maintenance to maintain the server environment. Here you can easily get the excellent software configuration and the complete installation of updates. We always take care of your website through some things like: infrastructure. Onlive Infotech ensure that each dedicated plan gives you the full freedom to take care of your business-based projects like application and website.