Deploy Cheap Linux/Window VPS Server with Plenty of Advantages

Linux/Window VPS Server –

Get best opportunity with Cheap Windows VPS Server Hosting through the Onlive Server Company. Yes there are various Cheap Window VPS Server Hosting based with OS in the market. Therefore, we provide the cheap and reliable Window VPS Hosting solutions based with many panels. Before the offering and Server plan, we define the Server hosting to our users. Linux VPS Server and window VPS Server basically these two type of Server hosting offer by many Companies. Onlive Server is also one of them; it provides both Cheap Window VPS and Linux VPS Server at multiple of features.

Linux and Windows are two different operating systems. Both Linux VPS Server and Window VPS Server hosting is best, it just need to identify that which will most suitable for your operating system. Yes many users remain confuse about both Server hosting. But here Onlive Server resolves all your confusion.

New Cheap Window VPS Server

You can easily ask about Cheapest Linux VPS and Window VPS Hosting with our technical expert adviser. Generally, Linux VPS Server is cheap and reliable with full management uses php / mysql & phpmyadmin / perl / cpanel / blogs & CMS. Here you will receive the best high quality service hosting services with most affordable and lowest cost service. Yes also you can handle your website yourself easily with cPanel.

  • Best Secure Networks
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • 24/7 Support
  • Full Security
  • Flexibility and Control
  • Instant Service

Our every package have different feature. Our cheap Windows VPS plans have full root access to your Windows, 24*7 technical support and help. Our plans are install with a control panel located in the client area so that you can reboot, shut down and also view your system. Through Window VPS Server Hosting, you will have a Remote Desktop Connection within a minute. You can run Windows applications such as IIS, SQL, Microsoft Exchange or any software such as Crypto Trading and many more. You will independently control it yourself with full license.

We have several plans of Linux VPS and Window VPS hosting for many countries as well as many utmost features. You can check our all plans as we mention in Onlive Server Website. We have instant Support through Our technical guider. Once a time, you can ask about server hosting with our team through Website, Phone-calls, and Whatsapp. We will Support you completely.

Main Features of Australia VPS Server Hosting – Onlive Server

VPS Server Hosting Australia

VPS is always a wise step to go Hosting a website, Australia VPS perfect for lunch website mainly because of the quality of services that can be availed in this field.

Features of Australia Windows or Linux VPS Hosting Solutions

One of the most significant features of Australia VPS Server hosting solutions is that these services are available within an affordable range. Apart from this, clients can always remain prepared to have a huge amount of resource availability. Hosting service providers in Australia also have Windows VPS server hosting solutions available within rates that can easily be afforded by individuals and businesses.

With Linux VPS server hosting, you can get a fully dedicated hardware along with RDP or remote desktop connection on just a few minutes. You can even avail Linux access in not less than a few seconds. Hosting server providers in Australia also boast of powerful in-built control panels that come with the potential of managing the servers of the clients 47. The clients also have VNC access including reloads, troubleshooting and reboots. Users also get the option of paying anonymously using Bitcoin or they can make payments using other gateways as well. There are even server hosting providers that offer their services on money back guarantee.

Australia VPS Server Hosting12

The Benefits of Going for VPS Servers Australia

Cheap VPS Hosting available in Australia is built using superior quality hardware that usually comes from HP or Dell. There are no issues like slowness of the servers or port limitations that can be expected with the use of VPS servers in Australia. Getting a VPS server means you are actually getting a physical server that offers high performance, enhanced security and real-time monitoring. You also get the option of choosing your preferred operating system and getting MS SQL and ASP.NET support for Windows and MySQL and PHP support for Linux.

Let Our Italy VPS Hosting Drive Your Business

Italy VPS Server Hosting is an ideal solution for those seeking a robust service, faster page loads and stability at an affordable price. You can experience the benefits of a dedicated server (root access, install your own programs etc) and gain from the flexibility of virtualized operating-system instances, in a shared physical server. We offer safe, reliable and affordable virtual server hosting solutions for startups, small companies and enterprise clients, which make doing business easy. Our Italy Server Hosting Company is the first, last and only stop you need to make on your website hosting journey.



VPS Server Hosting Provider provides you dedicated virtual resources, including your own storage space, processor, RAM and bandwidth. With the privilege of these resources, you can optimize your application and experience improved performance and excellent stability. All virtual servers are available with full SSH root access on Linux and administrator privileges with RDP on Windows. WHM cPanel also comes with complete root access, and the license is dedicated only to you. Our Italy VPS  Server Hosting Price begins at just $15 per month.

We deliver Cheap VPS Server Hosting in Italy with the following striking features of our data centres that ensure high-end performance and reliability.

  • Uninterrupted Power Sources
  • Multiple Network Carriers
  • The Best of Breed Hardware
  • Round the Clock Outstanding Support Service
  • Automotive Smoke System
  • 24×7 Online/Physical Security
  • Digital Video Surveillance
  • Long Hours Generators Backup

We always strive for the realization of our key goal i.e. 100% client satisfaction. We believe in offering a swift response, effective solutions and thorough support to our customers. Our VPS plans come with 24/7/365 phone, email and live chat support. We ensure you receive the best support you need if you ever encounter any issue with your Italy VPS Server. Our highly trained and skilled technical staff will solve all your issues in a matter of time.

Major benefits of using cost-effective VPS Linux Hosting

Linux VPS Hosting

Are you seeking an affordable hosting solution? Cheap VPS Linux is the highly appropriate choice for your business requirements. It does not need you to get a license for using this operating system. Most of the business owners now find out the affordable hosting plan due to their limited budget. To satisfy the requirements, Onlive Server offers the best and Cheapest Linux VPS hosting services. The specially developed hosting plans come with various control panels including Webmin and cPanel.

It is also ideal for developers who want to host an effective website.  In addition, this hosting solution will bring greater control over the website. The specialised features make this hosting plan an ideal choice for an online business that has long-term business goals. The trusted team of hosting providers offers lots of affordable and finest VPS hosting solutions which are boasting of numerous features and attractive benefits. It is excellent news for website owners, the hosting service provider offer both Linux and Windows VPS hosting.

Enjoy better flexibility

Each hosting package is designed carefully to suit the needs of all hosting users. The Linux hosting services are highly demanding hosting solutions among IT professionals. By using the hosting services, you can upgrade your existing hosting to efficient Linux VPS hosting.   When you successfully transform your hosting, you will acquire lots of benefits. It includes flexibility, unbeatable up time, increased power and much more.

If you have any queries related to VPS hosting, you can immediately contact the support team that is always available to bring you premium support. The cheapest hosting plan has lots of features that will bring numerous benefits to your business websites. The finest features make these hosting solutions a perfect choice for different types of businesses.


Why opt for Linux VPS?

The hosting service provider offers hosting solutions for small business and medium-sized business. With the most reliable hosting solutions, you can increase the traffic level of your website. It ensures fast load times and enhanced website up time. Every hosting plan is boasting of many key features including security, flexibility, effectiveness, scalability, reliability, anti-spam software and much more.

If you are using the hosting plans properly, you are able to acquire numerous conveniences. It includes:

  • Restore and backup tools for free
  • High bandwidth and spacious RAM
  • Reliable and secure
  • With cPanel, you can manage your hosting account easily
  • SSD for free
  • Select your geographical server space for better speeds
  • Matchless customer support

Onlive Server offer the fully support to Users. First you can ask and then make the right decision related to Linux VPS Hosting plans through Onlive Server’s Website, Phone call, Whats-app.

Enhance Your Website Performance with Spain VPS Hosting

Spain VPS Server Hosting Provider

Spain Servers offers you Spain Server Hosting at a fraction of the cost with a server of superior quality and blazing features like unmetered bandwidth, HDD storage, server data backups, more traffic generation on your hosted website, powerful security, and many more. We use OpenVZ (Open Virtualization) technology for Linux which allows a physical server to run on multiple operating systems and Hyper-V for windows which provides a fully dedicated OS for a virtual machine. We provide you Cheap VPS Server Hosting in Spain with root access permission so that you will have full control over your server and you can install or uninstall any software based on your needs. With a better firewall safeguard mechanism to your vps, we also give you 99.98% network uptime guarantee due to our nearer own data center in Spain and hence you will not come across any network issue. Our initial Spain VPS Server Hosting Price is just $17 per month. With this affordable price, you can experience following features with our Spain Server Hosting Company.

spain vps hosting
Spain VPS Hosting
  • Adaptable and Improved Deployment
  • Full Root Access to your server
  • Choice of Operating System i.e. Linux or Windows
  • High Availability network to recover from unplanned downtime
  • Completely Redundant Server Cluster
  • Better Network Connectivity
  • Fully managed Control Panel
  • Unaparalled Security

Our cordial sales team takes the time to get to know you and your business necessities so they can deliver you the best possible solutions at amazing prices. Delivered for clients that rely on upon online applications to keep up their business, our Spain VPS Server Hosting Provider gives the reliable structure and high-constrain configuration expected to make salary and perpetually associate with customers. Host your  VPS with us in Spain and appreciate the most unwavering quality, speeds and peering in the region.

Enhance The Bottom Line Of Your Business With Our Spain VPS Server Hosting

Spain Server Hosting – Onlive Server is one of the premium Server Hosting portals Spain locations, which is providing all type of server solutions in Spain like cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting, Cloud server hosting, Best VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting plan as well as Web Server Hosting at a very reasonable price. We have a wide range of options for online business marketers who seek a way to ensure that their websites reach the top ranks of all major search engines in Spain and get higher traffic on their website. The speed, connectivity to server and bandwidth is the best part of any VPS Server hosting, but our Spain VPS Hosting will provide full of control panels that are supplied to take care of the multiple accounts along with root access facility.


Why Spain VPS Server Important?

Spain VPS offers more control and adaptability to every one of their clients so here you are allowed to utilize any extra content or introduce any application you required. Here you have the flexibility to get access with root server which enables you to collaborate flawlessly inside the system. Spain VPS Servers are fundamentally utilized for advancement of site or programming, video encoding, remote record stockpiling, for extraordinary undertakings, gaming and so forth.

If you have e-commerce websites in Spain that are receiving high-volume traffic then it makes compulsory for your websites that website should be hosted on a capable server that is able to handle such numbers traffics without any bounces or slowdown of websites. Highly traffic sits are always need the best VPS Server Hosting or a dedicated server hosting. Our Cheapest Spain VPS Hosting Services are available at very affordable prices as well as capable to handle the heavy traffic, while a dedicated server hosting is more expensive. There is an essential difference and costs reflect the quality of service.

Why You Choose Canada VPS and Dedicated Server For Website

Canada VPS Hosting – Onlive Server

Whenever you are looking for Canada VPS Server, you can get the assistance of our support team 24×7 to enhance your business profit and performance. We are committed to support your online business through cheap dedicated hosting plans. We ensure to help you select best and cheap server hosting plans as per your needs. Our customers connected with Canada VPS Server can ensure to get assistance from the professional support team and we are ready to assist you with any kind of issue that you experience.


Why You Need Canada Dedicated Server Hosting?

We provide Dedicated Server Hosting Canada at a reasonable price and hence our service is intended for a single client so that you can enjoy features and memory without sharing with others. If you have a website or application which is filled with plenty of sound features and video, then we allocate a service with the massive working rate. Furthermore, we also ensure to provide high-security on your server data by applying firewall protection for your server. We also have a team of expert technical support to monitor the server which will offer 100% network up-time guarantee on your server.

Importance Of VPS Server Hosting

If you are searching for reliable, affordable & rich feature web-hosting solution then our VPS server is the best choice. Canada VPS Server Hosting is a suitable option for today’s customers to improve their business. Our dedicated servers Canada is considered as best option for your small and medium-size business requirements and have the capacity to cater to the needs of requesting clients. Windows or Linux VPS are known as virtualization of dedicated server hosting so that budgeted person can get advancement in their business by having root access to VPS dedicated server. Load counterbalance, slow speed, and site crash are the issues which arise in server hosting. We offer high-quality VPS Server Hosting Canada at a reasonable rate.