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Acute-Speed Dubai VPS Server Hosting

In the highly competitive e-commerce world, many companies prefer VPS servers to host their own websites. Onlive Server offers affordable hosting of VPS servers in Dubai with all the features needed to grow your business. We offer highly scalable Dubai VPS Server hosting with a secure VPS platform.


With our VPS server hosting company in Dubai, you can host various personal and professional websites on the first server, which you can manage in complete autonomy. Our hosting servers are controlled by OpenVZ, KVM, and Hyper-V running on world-class private cloud infrastructures.

Although these are our cheap hosting servers, Onlive Server offers maximum performance and maximum protection (firewall protection) compared to other providers that offer similar rates. Our hosting price for Dubai VPS Server starts at just $29/month. You can choose any plan that fits your business needs perfectly. We offer Dubai VPS servers with up to 1 core, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD, 500 GB bandwidth and KVM VPS.

 Dubai VPS Server Plans & Payment Method

Dubai VPS Server Plans

Enjoy The Benefits of Our Web Hosting in Dubai

If you are looking for a reliable and reasonable Dubai VPS server hosting provider, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer an inexpensive VPS server in Dubai with 100% network availability. The receipt of the secure payment method by the supplier always appears as the main concern. We offer several online payment options that allow you to transfer money easily and quickly to our company.

We offer complete access to the root, which allows you to install any type of software that is completely compatible with the VPS package.

We support you to provide maintaining the quality of the service and provide dedicated customer support. Our technical support experts monitor your 24×7 server to bring you advanced performance and world-class support. In case of problems, you can contact us by e-mail, phone or live chat. Your server problems will take priority in a few minutes.

We offer web hosting packages for Dubai that run on high-quality web servers in a state-of-the-art data center. We constantly strive to provide the most advanced, powerful, reliable and secure Dubai VPS hosting at affordable prices.

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Perfect For Complex and High Traffic Websites

Our Dubai VPS Server Hosting is perfect for complex, high-traffic websites and demanding business applications. With our high-performance servers, site owners get complete control of the server with the main hardware specifications.

We offer a range of options tailored to your budget and technical requirements. Our cheapest plans at just $29/month that is included 1 core, 1 GB of RAM, 30 GB of SSD, 500 GB of bandwidth and VPS KVM. With the latest processors and the latest technologies, website owners can experience the performance, speed, and reliability that a dedicated online business deserves.

We offer free hardware and network support around the clock, free installation, optional configuration service, and 100% network availability guarantee.

The Dubai virtual server hosting offer greater privacy, security and speed of loading of the sites, since the key resources of the servers are not shared with other sites due to partitioning.

Dubai VPS Server is the affordable & Secure Hosting - Onlive Server

We offer a range of VPS hosting options tailored to your budget and technical requirements. With our affordable VPS KVM baseline, we offer our customers a 100% uptime guarantee on all Dubai VPS Server Hosting plans.

Our hosting infrastructure is created and managed by expert system engineers for extraordinary performance, high security and incredible stability. Increase your VPS experience with 100% uptime!

Brilliant Support

In addition to a wide range of products, we strive to delight our customers with exceptional customer service that exceeds their expectations. Let our talented and competent support take care of your servers so you can focus on your business.


Major Benefits of Sweden VPS Server Hosting Services – Onlive Server

Sweden VPS Server Hosting

One of the most preferred web hosting platforms is Sweden VPS Hosting. If we compared to a dedicated server, shared web hosting and VPS server hosting then VPS is much better than shared and dedicated web hosting with many advantages. Dedicated servers are definitely the best way to go if you need a lot of customization and resource. Some customers want more control over server resources and the operating system. The Dedicated servers are too expensive compared to VPS hosting. Onlive Server makes sure to provide world-class services to meet your business needs.

Some of the information about Our VPS server –

If you choose our company for a VPS hosting solution, you will surely have access to get knowledge about Powerful VPS hosting.

  • World Class Infrastructure
  • Full Server Access
  • Free Tech Support Service
  • Stable Network Facilities
  • Feature-Rich multiple Control Panel Option
  • Unlimited Loading Of The Operating System
  • Hard Drives For Business
  • Multiple Choice of Operating System

Sweden VPS Server Hosting

Some of the Additional Features of Our VPS Server

Free Support Service: With Our Sweden VPS hosting server get the best support options. It is known that the overall experience is compromised when your site is idle. Our web hosting company offers its customers good and free support to earn their satisfaction. The quality and quantity of technical support we offer cannot be overstated.

Higher Bandwidth: Our VPS hosting services offer a variety of bandwidth options. The more bandwidth you get, the more you spend. There seems to be evidence and error that determines the specific amount of bandwidth required by your site. With our VPS service, you can select the appropriate bandwidth so as not to increase or reduce bandwidth.

Free website transfer: This saves valuable time. If you choose a new hosting service like VPS, you must transfer your website completely.

Virtual Private Server, also known as VPS, is the bridge that reduces the distance between shared hosting and dedicated server. The hosting o is able to host its own resources and operating system. We, Onlive Server, transform the server into every VPS hosting system in its entirety. The hosting of virtual servers has been favored by our companies, as it offers some additional advantages. Onlive Server offers you the maximum performance to make sure you don’t lose shared hosting resources.

Sweden VPS Server

Know the Benefits of the Service:-

We offer extreme convenience like server hosting. The company absolutely offers the convenient and costs effective Sweden VPS hosting. For small and medium-sized businesses, it is very difficult to maintain dedicated servers as compared to VPS server hosting in Sweden.

One of the main advantages of using our guarantee cheap VPS Hosting resources for each website. The Company offers the Z plan of Sweden VPS. With this plan, the user will get 4 Core processor, 4 GB of dedicated RAM, 120 GB of storage HDD, 4 TB Bandwidth, KVM based VPS at just $79/per month. Our higher data transfer capacity, storage capacity, Internet protocol address, central processing unit, memory, and other resources. Our companies offer fantastic services like hosting Sweden VPS Server. Basically, this means a huge improvement for medium and small businesses as the work is archived and the data can be easily transferred without having to worry about hosting maintenance.

Our resources and services are not affected by adjacent sites, even if they consume too many resources. We have full control over hosting operations. We make sure to configure the entire operating system to your liking and then install your control panel and preferred the software to get the most out of another virtual private server hosting.

The Hidden Mystery behind France VPS Server Hosting – Onlive Server

France VPS Server Hosting

A virtual private server is known as VPS that means each of the servers can manage its own operating system and applications. Today, France VPS Hosting becomes more popular. But firstly choose the VPS Server Hosting, we should know more about why you should go for France VPS server.

If your site needs more space than shared hosting offers and runs several blogs or high-traffic websites, you need to go with France VPS Hosting. Although dedicated server hosting is very costly and VPS Hosting is cheaper than any dedicated server hosting plans. With the Cheap VPS hosting plans user will get a higher speed of bandwidth. In VPS hosting, the virtual environment will offer dedicated memory, disk space, and bandwidth.

France VPS Server Hosting

So if you want to choose the best hosting option, you should opt for France VPS hosting.

France based VPS Hosting is the ideal choice if you are looking for a good hosting service for your hosting needs.

Costs of VPS Hosting: If you consider your website to be one of the most important tools for generating revenue. Money may be of primary importance to businesses, but using the shared server or any other lower class of hosting plans then your documents cause damage. Because you’re more likely to get half the functionality. So, use France VPS Server with the complete package and key features like 24/7 customer service, availability, and security.

Customer Service: Onlive Server hosting service provider company offer fully managed to host plans and customer support service 24X7 hours. They will Instead of the quickest answer, you should focus on a quick fix. The skills, knowledge, and expertise of support staff should allow you to relax when your website is in good hands. Your service provider should be able to provide you with maximum security and uptime by correcting bugs so your customers can reach you through your website.

France VPS Server

Therefore, it is clear that for a profitable business and the success of your online presence, you need to consider the France VPS Server Hosting Plans. India’s leading Server Hosting Company Onlive Server sharing their ideas and expertise with readers and addressing customer concerns. Informs customers about the wide range of Onlive Server hosting plans, including shared hosting, VPS Server India and Dedicated Server India, to enable them to develop and grow their business.

Here Are Some FAQ Based Important Question and Answer

  • Which type of applications can run on a server?

Ans. France VPS hosting plan will allow root-level access so you can install multiple applications, set permissions, customize the environment and create accounts. This is what the best developers need every day.

  • What is the minimum costing of VPS hosting?

Ans. If you are a company owner and you want the functionality such as a dedicated server but the very affordable price then VPS is the ideal solution for you. The minimum price of France VPS hosting is $9/per month.

  • Who is best VPS Hosting or Shared Hosting?

Ans. Undoubtedly VPS Hosting. Because VPS offers many advantages over shared web hosting. In a VPS, you can develop and test your sites. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain a VPS specifically for testing purposes. You can use another VPS for your production or live blogs. In other words, without having two dedicated servers, you will be able to complete all your hosting activities. it is also possible to use a private virtual server for storing files or backups.

Although there is a big difference between a Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting. Both offer similar functionality. If you are a good developer, you can do almost any activity on a VPS but the main point is that VPS is less expensive.


Obtain Switzerland Dedicated Server Hosting and VPS Solutions from Experts

Switzerland VPS Server

Switzerland Server hosting offers a lot of advanced options and flexibility to business owners who want to host their online businesses with server hosting plans. Hence Switzerland VPS Server hosting is the best option toward the users.

Companies offering dedicated server hosting solutions in Switzerland generally provide a huge amount of flexibility and reliability on their services. Clients can handle their businesses with excellent protection by accessing the services of hosting providers in Switzerland. Dedicated server hosting in Switzerland offers varied specifications for the operating systems of the users. The hosting providers help in engaging potential audiences across the world. However, in order to avail cheap dedicated server hosting plans, it is important for you to have a close look at all the available options.


This is one of the most important considerations that you need to have in mind when looking for dedicated servers in Switzerland. There are companies offering different hosting schemes that can help businesses in attaining success. The hosting providers generally offer advantages to businesses by enhancing the audiences that they need for the promotion of their products and services.

Why Make the Choice of Switzerland VPS Server Hosting?

Switzerland VPS server hosting offers businesses the chance of increasing their brand success as and when required. Online businesses who are in need of the right tools that can help them in promoting their products and services online should make their way towards Linux VPS server hosting. These are hosting plans that can offer peak performance to the business websites while increasing the size of the websites.

The use of Windows VPS server hosting can also help business firms in acquiring perfect protection and regular updates. These are the best deals for enhancing stability and control of a website. There are almost all the major facilities available for satiating the requirements of the customers. Besides, clients also get the scope of consulting with experts for obtaining the best web hosting solutions.

Increase The Success Of Your Website With USA VPS Server Hosting Plans

USA VPS Hosting

If you are looking to increase your business then choose our company to get a proper plans for your requirements. our servers helps you to expand website size on your required time. we provide USA VPS Hosting & Cheap Cloud Servers plans at very impressive price. we offer top-notch service to our customer at reasonable cost. Our hosting service provide a stable stage of DDoS protection. we offer guarantee and satisfaction service. we brings you SATA primary and secondary drives, data center, cpanel facility, choice of operating system etc.

Our company offer a trustworthy and valuable plans for your money. Our USA VPS Hosting plans are considered as a crucial part to enhance the scalability of your business. If you use our servers it extend flexibility and control to customer. Our experts perform regular updates on firewall security to keep your clients away from various threats. we serve instant hosting service to people who like to operate Linux VPS Server Hosting to fulfill their demands or wants.


Cheap Cloud Servers Plans

Basically Onlive Server are also brings you scalable, secure, and fast Cheap Cloud Servers choice for those who demand flexibility and transparency from their host. It’s a relatively new style of hosting but will provide your medium to large-scale website the support it needs

Cheap Cloud Servers is a excellent choice that offers high levels of performance, security, and unlimited scalability. with cloud hosting you are not limited to the resource restrictions of a single server. you could scale your site to almost any level of resource use and high traffic levels without experiencing a dip in service very easily. Our servers is an extremely flexible hosting solution. Its offer high performance, bandwidth, and 100% uptime, all the way down to startups that are just starting to scale their traffic levels and services. our company is great for organizations who need to have near perfect uptime and want to grow their servers as they see fit, without experiencing any delay. we offer high-quality services you solid security, and very speedy site performance.

The unique feature of our plans is that they help business to enjoy scalable performances. we have different kinds of hosting solutions available that range from reasonable to best server. our company are offered by dedicated experts to bring you the utmost performance.Increase Business success with USA VPS Server Hosting Plans

Highly Customized Dedicated Server & VPS Hosting Plans for Hugest Website

Highly Customized Dedicated Server & Best VPS Hosting, for Hugest Website in Brazil

Brazil VPS Hosting & Cheapest Dedicated Server

Want Cheapest Dedicated Servers and VPS Hosting Planning in Your Country? So, you should be considered Onlive Infotech Company. If you are exploring for Trust able and fair value web server hosting plans in Brazil location, then your exploration ends now. Onlive Infotech Company provide low-cost Web servers with maximum increased performance or uptime 24*7 guarantee.

Buy our More Powerful Dedicated Server Hosting to Create a Smart Website!! Ask Why?

The Company 24/7 hours stands to meets your business requirements. Onlive Infotech also deliver full root security and compatible performance for your online business organizations to enhance business presence. Our Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting comes for Brazil location and many more countries, but for the time being we are bringing especially for Brazil location. Here available several specific services with the Dedicated setups like: Unlimited bandwidth, managed firewall protection, server monitoring by expert team, data backup feature which will increase web applications etc. We prepare the best dedicated server setup with high functional infrastructure. here you can get faster Dedicated hosting server plans that will be fully successful for the establishment of your online business such as: Microsoft Application and E commerce. If you want any kind of CMS installation like Joomla, Drupal, Exponent CMS and others, you can get your choice here. We customize the entire server according to your business needs. Get the free technical support by the best technical staff while buying our Dedicated Server Hosting plans.

Untold Technical Support with the Dedicated Setups

Onlive technical staff promises to set up a complete server within a minimum time of period as well as they also give you ultimate finest technical support for your business-related troubles or hassles. The company provides dedicated hosting setup services in Brazil country without facing any issues. Our technical team will ensure that your website will run faster without any disaster. Here you can feel free from any type of setbacks or risks. About the any kind of Server issue, you can call the technical support team which is available 24/7 to assist you at the anytime. Buy commercial based Dedicated Server setups from Onlive Infotech!!

cPanel with VPS Server Hosting Plans in Brazil

As a global Brazilian VPS server hosting provider, we provide effective Brazil VPS Hosting server services that let you easily manage various important applications. We confer the hosting Control Panel for making the web servers superior and ultimate. We use well-equipped and good hardware resources that will enhance your server’s performance. We have a qualified and talented support team that can provide top quality of 24 * 7 hosting services by email or phone: +91 9718114224.

Onlive Infotech is the web services provider company that is providing Brazil based web hosting plans, so you can avail our services at less Price. We deliver the expectational smooth performance and higher speed without any issues.

Experience the Customizable and Optimizable VPS Server Hosting

Onlive Server offers VPS Server Hosting with stability, flexibility, Full root access, coupled with a choice of Operating Systems and optional cPanel of your own server with cost effective price. The main benefits provided by our VPS Server are easier management, dynamic resource tuning, and higher reliability than traditional dedicated servers.

Onlive Server provides VPS Hosting Server that offers a partially isolated environment along with more control, and the ability to do more advanced things with your website and 24*7 technical supports.

VPS Server is describes as physical web server with an installed operating system enabling custom configurations, virtual partitioning, and a unique IP address.

Onlive Server Supply VPS Hosting Server in a more cost-effective manner and powerful option for website owners and developers seeking faster website speeds and a limit to the allocation of shared server resources.

Onlive Server Provide a reliable, fast and robust platform for all the Customers who needs of Hosting and Domain name management, Its interface (cPanel) is so easy to use that it makes really easy to launch a website within 5 minutes.

VPS Server Hosting

Why VPS Server Hosting?

There are Some Reason Why VPS Server Hosting is Useful:

  • Greater private disk space
  • Higher availability of resources, without interruption
  • Ability to manage high traffic demand and application configuration
  • Robust safety features and security measures
  • Customizability while maintaining security and performance
  • Scalability at its best.

 What included with your Best VPS hosting plans:

Onlive Server always try to provide best hosting services to our client with ultimate features  and 24*7 technical support without pay any extra charges. Below we will describe what is new factors include with our VPS Hosting Plans:

  • 99% SLA
  • Scalability
  • Bandwidth
  • Free anti-DDoS protection
  • Dedicated IP
  • Management – Customer Area, KVM, Root access
  • Choice of Operating systems – Linux and Windows
  • Reboot and reinstallation
  • Monitoring
  • Pre-installed CMS- For Various Platform such as Java, PHP, Python, Software as a Service etc.
  • Control panels – Baifox, cPanel, ClusterCS, DirectAdmin, Domain Technologie Control, Froxlor, Gnupanel etc.

Some Advantages of our VPS Server Hosting:

  • Our VPS Hosting Server provides More Power, flexibility and features like dedicated server at a cheapest cost.
  • It is a server of its own, so you have full root access.
  • You can reboot or shutdown your Server as per your choice.
  • You can install customize software as per your choice.
  • Your server is completely isolated, making it free of any negative influences by other sites. Since you are not sharing your operating system with any other entity, no unauthorized websites can access your files.

Onlive Server is One of the most appreciable web hosting service providers, it is best for speed, reliability, and excellent support. It provides flexible hosting & domain options in digital market, with plans suitable for website owners, small businesses and big enterprises.

Superior Customer Support:

If you need help regarding our VPS Hosting Plans then Connect with our professionals like – Call: +919718114224, Email, Skype: ONLIVEINFOTECH and Live Chat with 24/7/365 server monitoring.