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We provide Dedicated Server Hosting and Cheap Cloud Servers at affordable prices with secure servers and complete technical support. Our Server Hosting plans are fully capable to run your business efficiently and deliver matchless performance. Our reliable servers can be managed with 100% guaranteed network up-time with advanced security and performance features. we provide highly secure with DDoS Protection and easily configurable Dedicated Server Hosting and Cheap Cloud Servers plans for every budget. Our flexible server hosting packages are ideal for those who are starting or growing their online presence. You maintain full control of your server while we take care of the infrastructure and hosting environment to keep it running smoothly.


The primary advantage of our Cheap Cloud Servers or Cloud VPS Serer is its robustness. You are granted with the power to manage your web portals. We provide full root access to your servers. We deliver Cheap Cloud Servers for small, medium to large scale businesses at a budget friendly Price. Based on your business model, you can choose our any Dedicated Server Hosting and Cheap Cloud Servers plans that fits perfect for your organization.

Onlive Server providing hassle-free web hosting solutions around the globe. We provide best server hosting plans with unbeatable technical assistance to our users. We ascertain you 24/7/366 monitoring, full hardware maintenance. We also guarantee full power backup, server and network protection with speedy and unlimited bandwidth network connections. your company will gain capabilities and resources of a whole server, that you are doing not need to share with the other user. the whole server is assigned to client and your websites with enough information measure to tackle the high quantity of traffic and handle software system configuration at the side of completely different pages to host.

What You Will Get Our Server Hosting Plans:-

Full root access-
Our Company offer you full root access and get maximum flexibility in setting up and configuring your Server Hosting. You also get complete control of the server without any difficulties.

Maximum Control-
Our Sever Hosting provide you topmost customization, configuration, installation, and overall flexibility. we protect your personal data with DDoS protection from a variety of malicious attacks.

Advanced Management-
Our Server Hosting with CentOS operating systems include cPanel such as Kloxo-MR, MachPanel, MaestroPanel, OpenPanel, Plesk, ServerSuit, SysCP, Usermin VestaCP and WHM for well planned management of every hosting-specific function and overall server configuration.

Uptime –
Our Server Hosting offer high performance and reliability to ensure that websites and other business functions are operational virtually 100% of the time. our company offer server monitoring and back-up facilities many more.

Our company provide 100% guaranteed for security because we offer you own personal system where you are able to manage your own server separately but in shared hosting, there are many possibilities that your site may get hacked or you may face any other issue. but Our Company offer full security with DDoS Protection.

No Setup Fee or Contract-
onliveserver.com not take any server hosting charges or hidden fees. customer can cancel the server anytime. No penalties or cancellations fees would be charged our company.

Top Quality Hardware-
Our Company choose the best hardware. We use rock-solid, excellent and robust hardware. Our fully managed Dedicated Server Hosting and Cloud VPS Server Hosting Plans include free upgrade and transfer when you require to high up your business project.

With our Cloud technology empower for this Spain Server Hosting plans for your servers are powered with increased flexibility and control.

Experienced Staff-
This hosting solution is suitable for businesses with higher traffic spikes since it offers a host of benefits, such as – flexibility, customization and reliability, for your optimum hosting experience.

Root Access-
It provide complete control over the servers. Clients can run customized firewall applications, and can control policy effortlessly.

Outstanding Support
24*7 Technical support via Live Chat, Phone or